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    Luxury Mother's Day weekend

    Tue Apr 29

    Breakfast in bed is great on Mother's Day, but breakfast in a luxury hotel is better (less crumbs!). If you're looking for something completely indulgent for Mom's Day, the Loews Regency Hotel (61st St and Park Ave) is offering a package that includes a one-night stay for moms and kids in a suite and breakfast at the hotel's restaurant, 540 Park. Think: Brioche French toast, banana pecan waffles and mimosas... yum! In-room mani/pedis are also included. The package starts at $905 and is available May 8-10. To book,  call 800-233-2356 or visit loewshotels.com.    

    Naked pictures of Miley Cyrus!

    Mon Apr 28

    I woke up this morning to the news that 15-year-old Miley Cyrus, Disney's Hannah Montana, had apologized in response to a massive outcry against some "racy" portraits (Miley looks naked under a sheet) that appear the new Vanity Fair. Did I miss something last week? What outcry? Weren't the photos just released? How did all this snowball so quickly?     This so-called scandal is obviously the invention of VF's and Disney's PR machine. VF wants to sell issues. As for Disney, I'd venture that they wanted to manufacture their own Miley backlash before anyone else did. And now everyone can rush to Miley's defense! The whole child-performer industry creeps me out—but it has nothing to do with the photos.    Do you think this is all a PR-propelled scandal? You might also like: Celebrity Baby Quiz Celebrity Interview: Tina Fey Celebrity Interview: The Jonas Brothers

    See this weekend: Baby Mama

    Fri Apr 25

    If you do one thing this weekend, go see Baby Mama in theaters. The comedy starring SNL vets Tina Fey and Amy Poehler kicked off the Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday and opens to the public tonight. At a screening I went to this morning (for moms and their infants--so cute!), TFF organizers said they chose the flick because they thought New Yorkers--in light of the current state of the economy, politics, etc--desperately needed to laugh. And laugh, you will.     Fey stars as Kate, a successful, single, 37-year-old woman who desperately wants a baby. Enter her surrogate, Poehler's trashy Angie, who comes to live with Kate after getting into a fight with her common-law husband (Dax Shepard). As Kate's doorman (Romany Malco) so eloquently tells her, she's got some major "baby mama drama." Plus, guest appearances by Steve Martin and Sigourney Weaver compliment the funny-lady duo in their respective roles as a the hippie head of an organic food chain and the...

    My Little Pony Live!

    Fri Apr 25

    I'll admit it: As a child of the '80s, I was a fan of My Little Pony. If I remember correctly, I think a pink one named Cotton Candy was my favorite. When I heard that My Little Pony Live!: The World's Biggest Tea Party was coming to Madison Square Garden to celebrate the horse's 25th anniversary (Has it really been that long?!), I decided to take one of the franchise's newer fans, my 4-year-old cousin Amanda, to see the show. So, last night, Amanda, her parents, her 6-year-old brother, Daniel, and I arrived at MSG along with dozens of other pony fans. The 90-minute show—with a 15-minute intermission—was kind of what I expected: A simple plot about seven friends from Ponyville planning a tea party. While the adults in the audience may have been a bit freaked out by the large ponies clomping around the stage, no one under seven seemed to mind. Kids were dancing in the aisles and singing along to songs like "I'm a Little Teapot." Amanda used the paper tea kettle everyone was given to...

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