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    Peanut butter overload

    Thu Mar 20

    Today Time Out Kids' very own "Bad Mommy", Susan Avery, and I served as two of the five judges in Jif's annual "Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest" at Soho's Culinary Loft. This is the sixth year Jif has offered the contest, in which kids 12 and under enter their most original PB concoctions for the chance to win a $25,000 college scholarship. We were there to find a winner among the five finalists. While we ate a lot of peanut butter, we didn't consume as much as I had expected. As Susan noted, they snatched those plates away from us way too soon on the really tasty items, like the beautifully prepared butterfly-shaped pancake topped with Jif, fruit and cereal and the P-Nutty Chicken Wrap, made with peanut butter and sweet Thai chili sauce. Yum! In the end, we chose 11-year-old Samuel from Riverside, CA as the winner for his highly inventive Crunchy Chinese Fortune Cookie Sandwich. Now,  NYC parents, I know most of you buy natural, organic peanut butter, but try this...

    Kids on the Internet: Kidzui

    Wed Mar 19

    Imagine searching for Britney Spears on the Internet and instead of seeing TMZ's latest story on her crumbling career, you'd glimpse of a fresh-as-daisies teenager bopping around on the Mickey Mouse Club. And that's all you'd see. Today marks the launch of Kidzui (pronounced Kid-zoo-ee), a browser and online service that brings kids ages 3 to 12 an age-appropriate, edited version of the Web—that means no bald Britney, no pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears and no Eliot Spitzer (well, at least no Spitzer Swallows). Kidzui isn't another parental control, high-tech filter or imaginary world; it's actually a database of  Websites and online videos that have been looked at, edited and categorized by an extensive team of reviewers—namely teachers and parents—who have culled the Internet for kid-okay content for the past three years. As Time Out Kids' "technology" editor, I previewed this new computer program last week–and I have to say I was fairly impressed. True, kids won't be able to sate all...

    Comfortably numb at Bubby's

    Wed Mar 19

    If you're reading this blog, chances are you've been to Bubby's. But maybe you're wary—sure, your kid's a total angel, but everyone else's....Well, I was at the Dumbo location last weekend with a couple of friends and their seven-month-old daughter, and not only was the staff utterly professional and unflappable, but they've got some magical acoustics there. It was like being under anesthesia—I was aware of all of the screaming children, but the noise was muffled and distant. And unlike going under anesthesia at the dentist, brunch at Bubby's means you can opt for additional medication, in the form of a Bloody Mary. Find out more about Bubby's.

    Christina Aguilera's baby style

    Thu Mar 13

    Want to roll like Christina Aguilera? She recently picked up this graffiti kiddie style car seat cover for her two-month-old son, Max. Besides its chic pattern, the cover from Kids Ink is reversible, with one side made of silky satin and the other a soft minky.  Get your own at Babesta in Tribeca for $130.  For those not spending enough time on the road to warrant a car seat cover, the same print is also used for a diaper bag ($140) and blanket ($60).

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