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    Breaking: NYC youth not entirely jaded

    Wed Jan 28

    Just when you thought the rugrats of today's America had no sense of decency, it turns out there's hope: An East Flatbush fifth grader stumbled upon a wallet with over $500 bucks on his way to school, and instead of squandering the dough on Bubblicious, cigarettes and porn, he actually returned it to its rightful owner. The wallet's owner gave the kid $100 as a thank you. As if the boy wasn't already some sort of freaky 10-year-old saint, he spent half of it on "a teddy bear with angel wings, milk chocolate" and other Valentine's gifts for--wait for it--his mom. It's sweet, really. Now can somebody take that "Kick Me" sign off his back, please?

    How many is too many?

    Tue Jan 27

    When I came across this picture online, I thought about the interview Time Out Kids just did with the Duggar family (after LOLing and forwarding it to all of my coworkers, that is). The Duggars are the family pictured in the photo. In between giggles, I couldn't help but wonder: How many kids are too many? I have mixed feelings about raising such a large family (the Duggars have 18 children, the youngest born just last month). On the one hand, my own sister has four kids and her household is often always a zoo; I can only imagine the chaos caused by 18 children. Can the parents really provide adequate attention to each child? Will they be able to fund all of their futures? And an even bigger question: What are their motives behind continuing to procreate? On the other hand, there seems to be a whole lot of love in that family. I may not agree with all of their beliefs or values, but when I watched Jim Bob and Michelle with their children on TLC's 17...

    A Monster of a Super Bowl

    Tue Jan 27

    Monsters Vs. Aliens OK I admit it: The only reason I ever tune into the Super Bowl is to see the commercials. (During the actual game, I switch over to Puppy Bowl .) I'm particularly excited about the ads this Sunday, as they include the new 3-D trailer for DreamWorks' Monsters Vs. Aliens . Of course if you want to see the cool effects, you've got to pick up a pair of special, retro 3-D glasses. Don't start scouting the thrift stores: You can grab a free set at Pathmark, K-Mart, Fairway and other local retailers. Visit the flick's official site for a list of locations. Guess who will be stopping by K-Mart on her way home from work today?

    The cake of kiddie dreams...

    Sat Jan 24

    Sure, little sugar monsters don't exactly care what a cake looks like, as long as it tastes delectable. But a super-duper pretty cake will still impress them. This one not only delights tiny eyes, it makes kids' bellies dance as well. The best part is you don't have to break any (er, too many) weight-loss resolutions to enjoy it: It's completely fat-free. The secret is using Sprite instead of eggs, oil, butter and the like. My roommate made it for her office and can attest to its deliciousness (slightly dense but fulfills all your gooey, cake-batter desires). It would be great for any number of special occasions: your kid's birthday party, a '60s-themed soiree, or, um, a Tuesday. You can find the complete recipe (and more enticing pictures) here . Mmmm...

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