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    A new "kids'" book...about booze...and why you should read it

    Tue Apr 28

    When I was a toddler, I loved the taste of beer. I tried to snatch up my dad's brewski at the dinner table at the ripe age of 18 months, and I never doubted that there were other tots out there who enjoyed a swig or four of hoppy goodness. Apparently, eccentric novelist Tom Robbins agrees. The author, most famous for his tome Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, has just written an illustrated hardback children's book called B is for Beer, billed as both "a children's book for grown-ups" and "a grown-up's book for children," that explains the brewing process in a kid-friendly way. I know what you're thinking: "This totally promotes underage drinking!" But let me plead our case: 1.) Once your kid finds out all the weird grains and yeasts that go into beer, they won't want to touch the stuff. 2.) It's really just an educational tale about a particular culinary process. One step closer to cooking school, I say. 3.) Not only does the book offer academic lessons, it...

    Cool kid fashion: Arlo Weiner

    Tue Apr 28

    It's generally thought that dressing a little girl is way more fun than dressing a little boy. But one young chap, eight-year-old Arlo Weiner, has us reconsidering. GQ profiled the fashion-forward kid, who happens to be the son of Mad Men creator Matt Weiner, and put together a dazzling slide show of his favorite outfits. Though the youngster calls L.A. home, he says he did a lot of shopping on a visit to New York. We'd like to know just where he went! Anyone have a clue? These ensembles are seriously original—and so refined.

    More cheap ice cream!

    Tue Apr 28

    Feels like dj vu! Tomorrow, Baskin-Robbins is offering 31-cent ice cream from 5--10pm at all of their locations. (Too bad the heat's supposed to break tonight.) You can grab up to three scoops! That's one giant cheap treat. Proceeds benefit the National Volunteer Fire Council . As if we weren't already on enough of a sugar high from Ben & Jerry's deal last week...

    Disney's new brainwashing wall decor

    Tue Apr 28

    Like most little girls, I dreamed of growing up to be a princess, with a frilly dress, tiara and a prince, just like in a Disney movie. The fairy-tale scenario is innocent and sweet...but these new decorations for girls' rooms take the fantasy a bit far. New wall-hangings sold via Target are equal parts fashion mag and Disney doctrine, with headlines like "Great Legs Are a Dream That Can Come True." Oy. These messages are destructive enough when you're a teenager, but seeing them when you can barely write your own name is ridiculous. Disney, all little girls will always have a soft spot for you in their hearts, but can you tone down the propaganda a touch, please?

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