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    Leukemia patient "marries" at age 9

    Thu Feb 26

    In Southlake, Texas, Jayla Cooper is facing what will likely be her last few months on earth. The nine-year-old is losing her battle with Leukemia, and knowing this, she has requested to experience the magic of marriage (yes, at nine!). Cooper walked down the aisle with pal and fellow patient Jose Griggs, promising to be his friend "forever and ever," then spent the evening dancing, noshing on enchiladas, and, thankfully, smiling a whole lot. The story is certainly sad, and has gotten a bit of backlash , but I think it's heartwarming. Yes it's a bit silly to stage a wedding for a grade schooler, but to say that the celebration "sets up some dangerous truths...namely, that marriage is the most important thing you can do in your life" is absurd. Something tells me that Jayla's parents played little to no part in the original idea; this really was something Jayla wanted (don't even make me count how many times I was a bride for Halloween). What parent doesn't want to see...

    Jonas Bros creepin' round theaters

    Thu Feb 26

    If your tween isn't already counting down the minutes until tomorrow's release of Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience, she (or he) will now: The trio will reportedly be showing up "unexpectedly" in theaters throughout the country--though there won't be any notice as to where or when. Maybe the hearthrobs could skip NYC altogether--but we'd bet our "I heart Joe Jonas" pencil case that they won't. Screenings start tonight at midnight, for parents who are actually willing to stay up and escort their Jonas-hungry kids to the show. To find out where the flick is playing near you, click here .

    Organic obsession: hazardous to your heath?

    Thu Feb 26

    Sure, it's important to instill healthy eating habits in kids, but can you take it too far? This New York Times articles demonstrates how a parent's concern can turn into a kid's nightmare. Obsessing over food can lead to eating disorders, and while it's great to eat organic when you can, one slice of a Carvel ice-cream cake shouldn't send a kid into a conniption. When did we go from not caring at all, to caring too much?

    Netto Collection sale

    Thu Feb 26

    You know we love David Netto's designs so we're not going to beat around the binky: He's currently offering his Case Group and Loft Collection pieces for 40% off. So visit his website or head down to his Lafayette Street studio to check out the furniture. It's only while supplies last. 270 Lafayette St at Prince St Suite 1204

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