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    Hell. Boy.

    Tue Jul 10

    What's in a name? Apparently a lot. According to the Associated Press , a 5-year-old boy in Australia was refused admission into a Catholic School because of his name. The offending surname of the tot? Hell. The boy's father says that the name is of Austrian heritage, meaning "bright" in the mother country, instead of the Catholic Church's definition of the word, which is a little less uplifting and probably something like, oh, say, eternal damnation. Fortunately (or not...depending on whether you're for or against Catholic School education) the school decided to enroll the boy after the father took his son's case to the media. And we thought Apple and Moses were gonna have problems in school.

    Edit that packing list...

    Thu Jul 5

    For many of us, the annual summer vacation looms in the near future. If you're worried about how to keep your kid(s) occupied, consider packing something a little unusual--one or more of their friends. In an article that appeared today in the New York Times Style section, Ralph Gardner Jr. examines the growing phenomenon of inviting one or more of your child's friends on vacation. Take Alessandra Gotbaum of Brooklyn, who has accompanied friends' families to London, Paris, St. Bart's, Venice, and for Passover, to the South of France. Holly Hughes, author of Frommer's 500 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up, offers a reason. "Sometimes it's the only way to get a teenager to go on a trip," she says. Gardner is quick to point out that the biggest issue when inviting a guest along is money. "The general etiquette seems to be that the guest's family provides air fare and spending money." One father, who remains anonymous because his daughter and the girl are...

    Sony gets detention

    Tue Jul 3

    Tisk tisk, Sony Italy. According to the UK's Pocket-Lint , the company is handing out fake book covers, disguised as classic works but really functioning as shields for school kids' PSPs. Thanks to Sony, sneaking a game device into class is now easier and ever—not to mention encouraged. Thankfully, as news of this clever business tactic spreads, we find it hard to believe that teacher's won't catch on to the plot soon. Unfortunately, the sight of a preteen glued to Dante's Divine Comedy is now subject to suspicion.

    Growing pains

    Tue Jul 3

    While most other network shows are currently enjoying their summer hiatus, the cast and crew of CW Network's Everybody Hates Chris are hard at work. Unlike most adult-driven shows, Chris is under a bit of a time crunch; you see, its stars are growing up a tad too fast for the plot lines. Child actors speeding through their awkward years before our eyes is, of course, not an unfamiliar phenomenon. Even the producers of the Harry Potter films—which have taken into account its stars' transformation into adults—have been biting their nails. Its three lead players are now lanky17- and 18-year olds, and two more cinematic installments are still due in the child-oriented franchise. For producers relying on their actors' cuteness to lure in viewers, adolescence is an inconvenient obstacle—especially when its arrival is sudden and impossible to schedule. Unlike Harry Potter , a series whose fans themselves grow between one film and the next, TV shows often...

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