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    Paul Rudd shakes it on Sesame Street

    Thu Apr 16

    In honor of Earth Day (next Wednesday, April 22), Paul Rudd decided to get his green on with the Sesame Street crew. In this super-cute video, Rudd, dressed as a giant earth, sings about why our planet rocks. Oh, he dances too. And does a lip curl. If you weren't already in love with the swoon-worthy actor, you will be now. Happy (almost) Earth Day!

    Heidi Klum is preggers---AGAIN!

    Thu Apr 16

    Heidi Klum, 35, and her husband Seal, 46, are expecting baby No. 4! The new addition will be welcomed by siblings Leni, almost 5, Henry, 3, and Johan, 2. Okay, yes, that's a lot of children, but their kids are admittedly adorable—not to mention, they have the means to support them. Congrats to the ever-expanding family!

    LeapFrog releases iPhone apps for kids

    Wed Apr 15

    Ask any kid and he'll tell you: Daddy's iPhone is really Junior's plaything. Well, Papa no longer needs to have a panic attack when he spies his son messing with his cell. This week, LeapFrog launched a line of iPhone apps that cater to the sandbox set. The first of several planned learning games, "Number Rumble" invites 6 to 10-year-olds to shake, tap and spin their way to mathematical mastery on the iPhone. The game opens with a fill-in-the-blank query. Once completed, kids shake the iPhone to move on to the next puzzler. Unlike a real math quiz, though, kids can shake past the questions they don't know how to answer. Score! The lack of annoying sounds is, forgive me, a plus. I'm well beyond gradeschool and yet I had a blast getting jiggy with it. Education doesn't come cheap though: LeapFrog is charging $2.99 for the application at the Apple store . On the bright side, your newly numbers-minded kid will be able to figure out how much of his allowance the app eats up.

    New book giveaway!

    Wed Apr 15

    Our friend Brett Berk, who you've heard about from Time Out Kids on more than one occasion, is holding another book giveaway ! This time, you can win copies of Romi Lassaly's True Mom Confessions: Real Moms Get Real, a compilation of two-line confessions from mamas around the globe. And, really, who doesn't want to know the deep, dark secrets of other parents? Chances are, you're thinking the same things they are...

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