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    Featured event: Get grubbin' with chef Christina Pirello

    Fri May 9

    Got some picky eaters in your brood? Always looking for new recipes to satisfy the whole fam? Run a vegetarian household? Fret not: Chef Christina Pirello has got you covered. This Saturday at the Children's Museum of Manhattan, the PBS vegan guru of Christina Cooks shows families how to eat and cook in healthful ways, whipping up tasty meals in a flash as part of the museum's We Can! Cook Healthy series. Audience members who want to get in on the fun can join Christina onstage for some hands-on food prep and advice from the pro herself. After the workshop, your whole clan can munch on the creative concoctions together. Get your grub on this Saturday, May 10th at 2pm at the Children's Museum of Manhattan. The workshop is free with museum admission, but tickets are limited so arrive early. Recommended for ages 5 and up. For a few ideas on how to please every palate in the house, check out these quick, yummy recipes from Christina.

    Movie Review: Speed Racer

    Thu May 8

    Bring the whole family to this dizzying live-action/CGI remake of the 1960’s cartoon. Writer-directors the Wachowski Brothers (The Matrix trilogy) have said they set out to make a movie their young nieces and nephews could enjoy. The result is a hypervivid, frantically paced tale of cool cars and family drama with a satisfying moral about cheating—that it’s not just wrong, but it spoils all the fun. The film is incredibly faithful to the original cartoon—down to the actors’ anime-like facial expressions and Racer X’s robotic voice. In fact, despite the vertigo-inducing action sequences and psychedelic production design (is that wallpaper available to the public?), I was a little bored. With the exception of one bloody beating that had me itching to put a Band-Aid on the victim’s split lip, this is kid stuff all the way.Speed Racer’s all-star lineup includes Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild), Christina Ricci, Susan Sarandon and Matthew Fox. But the most charismatic performance belongs to...

    Movie Review: Iron Man

    Thu May 8

    Dying to see Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man? Just leave your seven-year-old at home. The story depicts realistic scenes of war in the Middle East that are too intense for younger kids. Plus, aside from Jeff Bridges as a perfectly smarmy captain of industry, all the obvious bad guys are scowling Arabs and Eastern Europeans. I suppose that’s standard in Hollywood films these days, but it still made me cringe.  For kids 11 and older, Iron Man could prompt discussion about the business of war. Director Jon Favreau (of Swingers fame) tries hard to compensate for the action genre’s glorification of automatic guns and dramatic explosions with an anti-war story line. Tony Stark (Downey) is a weapons manufacturer whose eye-opening visit to Afghanistan causes him to renounce his family company’s war profiteering. From then on, he fights people only to win the right not to fight—get it? Favreau and Downey acknowledge the mixed message they’re sending: Real violence is bad, but cartoonish violence...

    More Miley Cyrus news

    Wed May 7

    If Vanity Fair and Disney were trying to bring more attention to Miley Cyrus with the not-so-scandalous naked photo scandal, it worked. But the publicity seems to be backfiring. According to the Daily News, "The audience for Sunday's new episode of the Disney Channel phenom fell 24% from the previous fresh episode, which aired just under two months earlier." Has Miley's picture scandal made you ban your brood from watching Hannah Montana?

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