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    Win a year-long New Vic membership!

    Wed Apr 22

    Earlier this month, Swiss circus troupe La Famiglia Dimitri performed at the New Victory , proving that a family that clowns around together, stays together. But now the theater wants to know what your family does for fun—even if it's not quite as daring as walking the tightrope with your offspring. Just take a picture of your family having a blast together and note what made the day special, then post it to the New Vic's Flickr page. One winning entry will appear in the New Vic bill for their upcoming show Gamarjabot and even cooler—will snag a FREE 2009-10 membership. The contest ends next Wednesday, April 29, so get your brood behind that lens, stat!

    Sweet ice cream + coffee deals tomorrow!

    Mon Apr 20

    Recession or no, it's hard to say no to cheap (or better yet, free) refreshments. On Tuesday April 21, Ben & Jerry's and Dunkin' Donuts are offering goodies that won't break the bank--or even a buck. Head to the coffee haven for 50-cent 16-oz iced coffees or indulge your sweet tooth at Ben & Jerry's for the chain's highly anticipated Free Cone Day in honor of its 31st anniversary. We hope this cold weather will be gone by tomorrow!

    Got a case of the Mondays?

    Mon Apr 20

    On Mondays we could all use a pick-me-up, am I right? I just got wind of this website, Cute Things Laughing . It lives up to its name, too: It's literally just cute things laughing (including a prairie dog—no joke), which will, in turn, make you laugh. The site is a "sequel" of sorts to its sister blog Cute Things Falling Asleep (which is equally addictive). So ditch those beginning-of-the-week blues and have a giggle instead.

    Best Mother's Day gift EVER!

    Fri Apr 17

    Flowers? Pshhh, please, those were so 2008. Jewelry? Over it. The best present this Mother's Day is—wait for it—plastic surgery so you can look JUST LIKE your teen. That's right, folks! Better resend that wish list to your hubby, moms! Apparently, some British mother had the brilliant idea to spend $15,000 to reconfigure her face and body in hope of looking 17 again. This is creepy on soooo many levels, but the craziest part of it all is that the daughter doesn't mind. Um, what? In high school I would have rather been run over by a bus than have been seen wearing the same color as my mom, let alone the same skin. I remember one time in junior high after Christmas break, I came into English class flaunting my new holiday duds, and my teacher was wearing the exact same sweater as I was. Oh the horror! And she wasn't even my mom. So if you're interested, head to the plastic surgeon ASAP—just don't forget to bring the most recent picture of your kid along...

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