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    M.I.A.'s baby not named "Ickitt"

    Mon Mar 23

    When we reported on M.I.A.'s newborn kiddo a couple of weeks back, we were a little unsure as to whether "Ickitt" was actually her son's real name. We figured it probably had a deeper meaning or was a nod to her Sri Lankan heritage. Our suspicions were validated today when news broke that the boy's real name is Ikhyd. It does sound nearly identical to "Ickitt" so we can understand the confusion. But Ikhyd just looks so much prettier than Ickitt, right? Check out the official docs over at TMZ.

    Not the way the Girl Scout cookie crumbles

    Fri Mar 20

    It's tough all over, even for 8-year-old entrepreneurs! According to the NY Times, North Carolina Girl Scout Wild Freeborn (yes, that is her name) is in trouble for posting a video of herself saying, "Buy cookies! And they're yummy!" on YouTube. Her mistake, according to GS, was posting an online order form, which would give her an unfair advantage over other girls in the area competing for cookie dollars. Interestingly, the Scouts spokesperson initially cited personal danger as the reason the organization forbids using the Web for sales, and yet, what could be more dangerous than meeting strangers in an empty apartment hallway? Growing up in Sunnyside, Queens, I visited a couple of apartment buildings in addition to the rows of single-family houses. I found some of those apartment encounters alarming, to say the least. I think Freeborn was smart and enterprising, and exhibited a number of skills--entrepreneurship, independence, creativity--you're supposed to learn by...

    Google's tribute to Eric Carle

    Fri Mar 20

    I think my favorite thing about google, besides its (usually) kick-ass search, is the flexibility of its logo. A few weeks back, google became a Seussian collage in honor of the late author's birthday. Today children's author Eric Carle's work is referenced, in honor of the 40th anniversary of The Very Hungry Caterpillar . Brilliant.

    Two kid flicks to look forward to: Where the Wild Things Are and the new Muppet Movie

    Thu Mar 19

    When I first heard that Hollywood was making a live-action version of Maurice Sendak's beloved children's book Where the Wild Things Are , I groaned. (Yes, that's something we geeks do often). Then I discovered that the flick was being co-written and directed by Spike Jonze, and I actually started to get excited. If anyone could do justice to Sendak's fanciful illustrations and offbeat imagination, it was the director of Being John Malkovich and Adaptation . I can just imagine how he'll handle the whole "rumpus" sequence (which is my daughter's favorite, of course!) The film famously ran into some delays because Jonze's take on it was not, at least in execs' eyes, family-friendly enough. The director has been quoted as saying, "From the beginning, I told the studio, 'I don't think this is gonna be a movie for four-year-olds.' And I think they said 'Oh, okay,' but I think that when they saw it, that's another... you know, that's something else." Happily, he's...

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