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    Dad pawns daughter off for meat and beer

    Wed Apr 8

    I like meat. I like beer. That said, I wouldn't sell my kid for them. But apparently a father in Salinas, California would. The man reportedly sold his 16-year-old daughter into marriage for $16,000 and a hefty load of beer and meat. Can I get a Parent of the Year award over here, please? According to the Associated Press, Marcelino de Jesus Martinez "pleaded not guilty in February to procuring a child for lewd acts, aiding and abetting statutory rape and child endangerment." If convicted, he could face 10 years behind bars. In the meantime, he will be accepting bids for his adolescent son in the form of vodka handles and tender venison. Inquire within.

    ISR teaches babies to survive drowning

    Tue Apr 7

    In such an era of de-sensitization, not many things can really shock me. However, when I saw this video, my jaw definitely dropped. This CANNOT be real! The gist of ISR (Infant Swim Resource) is that it teaches little kids—as young as six months old—"to rotate their bodies, stabilize their float, relax and breathe" when submerged in water. Don't ask me how they teach a six-month-old this tactic, seeing as most babies that age can't even feed themselves. Sorry, I'm a little skeptical. Is this tactic viable, or would you wait until your tot was older to embrace swim lessons? ISR Baby Surviving Drowning - The funniest movie is here. Find it

    Bristol Palin's ex dishes on his teenage sex life

    Mon Apr 6

    Last week, Levi Johnston--Bristol Palin's former fianc/father of her 3-month-old baby--sat down with Tyra Banks (because you know, that's the talk show you go on when you want to be taken seriously!) to chat about his antagonistic relationship with her family, being a teenage daddy and the inevitable custody battle ahead. It's this snippet, though, that's garnering all the attention: Coaxed by Tyra, Johnston admits that he was having unprotected sex with Bristol, at least part of the time, and claims that Sarah Palin, ever the abstinence advocate, knew about their premarital relations. Of course, the Palins are livid that Johnston would spread such "rumors" and now he's receiving a lot of backlash for his statements. Um, obviously they were having unprotected sex! Hence the pregnancy. I'm not even surprised about the fact that Mama Palin knew about their sex life. Too bad she didn't leave condoms under Bristol's pillow. I hope the full interview, which airs today at 5pm on MY9, is a...

    Local students review the best new children's books

    Fri Apr 3

    My sister, Lindsay Esposito, teaches third grade at P.S. 36 in Staten Island and invited me in last week to talk to her class about how we review books, CDs, movies, restaurants and toys here at Time Out Kids (the students are learning to write their own reviews). After talking to them about my job as an editor (they were shocked to hear that my work also has to go to a "teacher"—aka my boss!) and what makes a good review, they broke up into groups to read and review some books I had brought with me. I was very impressed with what they had to say. Below is a sampling of their work! "I liked City I Love because I could make a connection with the title because I love the city too. The poem "City Summer" was really funny. The pictures were really good on that page. I liked how the author matched the pictures with the poem. The poem about the taxi was confusing. I didn't really understand it. You can read the book with a parent so you can learn about the city."...

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