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    Twitter saves you money!

    Thu Mar 12

    A few weeks ago we strongly urged you to join Twitter. Our reasons were endless (constant communication with family and friends, easy to keep up on news), but now we have an even better incentive for you: Twitter can save you loads of moolah--if you follow the right people. There are some great NYC-centric deal makers to keep your eye on, like nycdailydeals , newyorkology and our sister pub Time Out New York 's "deal twitter," nycdeals , but no one can understand your recession woes better than other parents can, right? Luckily, I came across this awesome list of 20 frugal moms throughout the country whose Twitter accounts focus on all things free and cheap. Being a recessionista myself, I especially love 5DollarDinners and CouponCravings . Okay, now you have absolutely no excuse not to join Twitter. Get on it! And then follow us at TimeOutKids for daily blog updates, event picks of the day and more.

    Pot affects gaming ability, says new anti-drug campaign

    Wed Mar 11

    You heard that right, parents: The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, part of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, is trying to convince kids to give up pot or else suffer the consequences at their game consoles. WHAT? Is this some sort of early April Fools' joke? How is this a legitimate campaign? I get that they're trying to reach today's youth, but really, can we focus more on health and less on Street Fighter 4, please? According to Above the Influence's website, "Getting high affects your brain in ways that may directly affect your gaming ability." Wow. What's next, "Heroin severly inhibits your twittering?" Or, "Meth diminishes the quaility of your Facebook status updates"? Unbelievable.

    Jonas Brothers announce world tour

    Wed Mar 11

    Despite the Jonas Brothers' box office bomb of a movie , which only brought in $13 million its opening weekend (predictions were as high as $40 million!), the boys have announced their world tour . The tour, which kicks off June 20, includes concerts on three continents and features tunes from their upcoming album (title TBD), set to drop on June 15. Appearances in NYC include July 14 at the Izod Center and July 20 at Nassau Coliseum. American Idol alum Jordin Sparks will be opening for the bros. "This tour is going to be about really connecting with our fans," Joe Jonas remarked. "We've got new music that's taking us in new directions, plus a mind-blowing production that's going to surprise everyone." Surprise you say, Joe? Will you be parting your bangs differently? Did you purchase a new vest? Skinny jeans tighter than ever?! YES!! We can hardly stand the anticipation. Tickets go on sale March 28 at 10am. Get online early to snag tix!

    Pinocchio is being re-released on DVD today

    Tue Mar 10

    And our sister pub, Time Out New York , has got a great review of the two-disc set, which has been beautifully restored and comes with a bunch of fun extras. As TONY points out, Pinocchio is seriously dark. I know I saw the flick as a kid, but the details were hazy. Sure I recalled the image of boys sprouting donkey ears and Pinocchio being swallowed up by a whale, but I had forgotten how truly harrowing his journey to boyhood is (and you thought puberty was bad). I recently watched the film with my three and a half year old daughter, and I was surprised at how much it mesmerized. Unlike newer Disney films which, no matter how scary the stories get, seem to be heading toward a happy ending, there are points during Pinocchio when you really wonder whether it will work out for the mischievous wooden boy and his little cricket conscience. It's probably not giving anything away to say that yes, there is indeed a happy ending, but it's one that's well earned....

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