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    Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant

    Wed Dec 19

    You. Have. To. Be. Kidding. Me. Yep, crazy Britney Spears's little sister is following in her footsteps. Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant at 16! I'm a bit Britney obsessed, so this news is still sinking in. For all of you wondering, Jamie Lynn's boyfriend, Casey Aldrigde is the baby-daddy, according to People.com. When it comes to Britney's ongoing meltdown, many blame her mother Lynne Spears. I haven't always thought that was entirely fair, considering Jamie Lynn, who stars in the Nickelodeon show Zoey 101, seemed relatively normal and well-adjusted. The Louisiana mother was on track to write a book on, of all things, parenting. As of this morning, the book's publisher said it was being delayed indefinitely. Smart move. Do you think Lynne Spears is to blame for her daughters' behavior? Vote and weigh in with your comments below--I know you've got 'em! Plus: Will you let your own kids watch Zoey 101 now?

    Vintage buses take Manhattan

    Tue Dec 18

    Okay, so they're not really taking over Gotham, but a fleet of vintage MTA buses are running select routes throughout the city. These old-school buses have been taking lucky passengers across town since December 10, but today was the first time I had seen one. While I was waiting for the M34 at Herald Square, freezing my booty off, a red and green bus pulled up. If weren't for the small sign in the window, I never would have known to get on. Stepping inside the bus really was like going back in time. The seats were a mint green plastic, there wasn't a subway map in sight and the driver was whole lot less surly than usual. Bonus: My ride was free. I actually think that was a bit of a coincidence because according to the MTA's Website, the vintage fleet is supposed to be equipped with Metro card readers. The historic buses are running through the 28th, so keep your eyes open to catch a glimpse. If you want to take a more proactive approach to some nostalgic riding (and I...

    Lovin' la vida lobbies!

    Mon Dec 17

    I have to give props to AM New York for their awesome roundup of the most festive lobbies in Manhattan. Think about it: Lobby-looking is like viewing holiday windows but inside! Which on a day like today, is nothing short of necessary. It's no surprise that Trump Tower and the Park Avenue Plaza made the list, but check out some unexpected options. 605 Third Ave. (East 39th Street) 299 Park Ave (East 49th Street) 280 Park Ave (East 48th Street) The Grace Building (42nd Street and Sixth Avenue) 1411 Broadway (West 39th Street) 72 Wall St. 70 Pine St. Citigroup Center (Lexington Avenue and East 53rd Street)  

    Review: Max & Ruby

    Thu Dec 13

    It's hard to tell with children's theater if it's the play the audience finds compelling or the spectacle of a bunch of adults dancing around on stage in goofy costumes being totally silly. Such was the way I felt about Max & Ruby, the musical based on the Nick Jr. TV show. Admittedly, some parts were humorous, such as when Max (Lee Markham), a young boy bunny living in East Bunny Town, had his passionate toddler desires thwarted by his control-freak, older bunny sister Ruby (Kelly Felthous). Ruby spends the day minding Max, while trying to write and produce a show for their grandmother. His anarchic (i.e. age-appropriate) behavior makes her task impossible, as she spends all her time trying to put a lid on his energy level (also impossible). The songs were catchy and the acting energetic, but whenever I'd ask the children sitting around me whether they understood what was going on, the answer was no. The show is recommended for kids 3 and older, but perhaps...

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