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    Octomom makes a porno

    Wed Feb 25

    Look out Jenna Jameson, you've got some hot competition right about now, and she answers to the name of Octomom! Adult video company Vivid Entertainment has offered Nadya Suleman, mother of 14 (including the octuplets born in January), $1 million—that's right, ONE MILLION—to star in her own porno flick. According to TMZ , Vivid will even cover her family's medical and dental insurance if she becomes a "contract girl" (meaning she'll have to do multiple videos). Does anyone understand the reasoning behind this? Anyone ? As one of our favorite Twitter mamas, hoosiergirl , put it, "The sex sounds gross, but it'd be cool to see how many marshmallows she could fit in there." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

    Weird inventions for parents, vol. 1

    Mon Feb 23

    The editors here at Time Out Kids have just been alerted to a number of wacky new products and services, and we wanted to let you in on the little gigglefest they caused. Moms and dads, we present the first installment of Weird Inventions for Parents! 1. MyGeneImage: These are works of art that display your baby's DNA sequence. This is how the process works: Parents receive a collection package which they use to swab the inside of their baby's cheek to collect a DNA sample from the buccal cells. Then the folks at MyGeneImage lab create custom genetic art based on the sample. Framing your kid's biological imprint will cost you, of course: A single oeuvre can run upward of $500! 2. Pk24: Are you ready for this one, parents? It's a doozy! Pk24 is a "clinically tested 24-hour vaginal tightening cream answering women's desires to regain their sexuality and turn the clock back on their love life." We're surprised they didn't throw in the phrase "miracle worker" while they were at it. We...

    13-year-old may not be a daddy after all

    Mon Feb 23

    Last week, we reported on the baby-faced British boy, Alfie Patten, who allegedly fathered a child at age 13. However, the paternity of the baby is now being debated , with as many as eight other men (sorry, boys) claiming that the infant girl, Maisie, is actually theirs. Maisie's mom, Chantelle Steadman, says that she has only slept with Alfie, but paternity tests are underway (they may even be revealed on live TV!). Holy Jerry Springer .

    Don't drink the water

    Mon Feb 23

    Talk about seeing double! According to this New York Times article, there are 38 pairs of living twins in a tiny Brazililan village called Candido Godoi and some believe the water supply may be the cause. The town's residents are really into the myth—there's even a statue of a woman holding twin infants and a night-lit "fertility spring." Due to the expense--not to mention the possibility of the town losing its claim to fame--Candido Godoi's water has never been tested. We're surprised the village isn't trying to export its water as a miracle infertility cure.

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