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    A hyper-local look at your nabe

    Tue Mar 3

    I suspect I may be the last person to hear about this cool website, but in case I'm wrong, I still feel the need to share it with NYC parents: everyblock.com . It's basically a way to keep tabs on your neighborhood; in many cases, you can even search your specific block! When you log on, type in your street address and you'll get various results via feed, such as crime reports, graffiti clean-up notifications and restaurant reviews. The site certainly has some flaws (it would be great if it were more wiki-esque and local denizens could contribute info), but it's worth checking out.

    March deals and discounts

    Mon Mar 2

    Although spring is technically on its way, looks like we're still in for a long winter's night, both in terms of the weather and the economy. Perk up! Our discount diva can get it for you wholesale. Check out the great deals below and come back regularly: We post new items every week. 10% off all spring items at Corduroy Kids March 7 -8 In honor of spring (is it really almost here?!), the kids' clothing retailer is offering its seasonal wears for 10% off at both of its Brooklyn locations. 613 Vanderbilt Ave, 71 8-622-4145; 231 5th Ave, 718-789-2044. 50% off kids' costumes at Ricky's through March 9 It's not like kids need an excuse to dress up, but Purim is just around the corner. In honor of the Jewish holiday (dubbed the "Jewish Halloween" by some), Ricky's is offering 50% off all of its kids' costumes . 30% off children's books at Housing Works Bookstore March 21-22 The Soho store is selling children's hardcover books for 30% off and...

    Google gives Dr. Seuss a fitting birthday tribute

    Mon Mar 2

    I've always loved google's timely logo reinventions, but today's has got to be my favorite! In honor of Dr. Seuss's 105th birthday, google has gone giddy. Just check out that lively logo! If only any of the recent film incarnations of his work were so charming (OK, Horton Hears a Who was pretty cute). Since you're probably stuck inside anyway, why not grab a hot chocolate and your favorite Seuss book? It's the perfect day to do it.

    Public schools are closed today so let it snow, let it snow, let it...

    Mon Mar 2

    snow! Although currently there are only six or so inches on the ground, the DOE has decided to close NYC public schools for the day, due to the winds and because more snow is on the way. Chances are your kids want to go out and play (I wish I could! But I've got to get to work :(. If you are in a position to hang out with your children, good for you. The Parks Department is even providing free hot chocolate and sleds at selected locations. If snow's not your (or your kid's) thing, check out our roundup of indoor play spaces. Also, our pal mommypoppins has a fabulous indoor activity guide and kaboose has fabulous craft ideas, if you decide to hole up inside. Happy snow day!

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