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    Your nabe in six words or less

    Fri Feb 20

    New Yorkers are pretty passionate about their neighborhoods. Whether it's the elderly bodega owner on the corner or the chartreuse mural down the block, certain details make your nabe feel like home. But can you verbalize your 'hood's style in six words or less? Flavorwire wants you to try (and we do too). Harder than you think, isn't it? Some favorites: --Red Hook: No way in, no way out. --Ditmas Park: Sesame Street , with Tibetan 'Hooper's Store.' --Park Slope: Entitled organic babies will hate u. I tried to think of something appropriate for my neighborhood, Alphabet City. I came up with (sub-par) descriptions such as "expensive condos sandwiched between brick-laden projects" and "20-somethings wish they could afford LES." How do you capture your 'hood in six words or less?

    Enjoy a free visit at City Treehouse

    Fri Feb 20

    Last weekend, my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter and I finally got a chance to drop into newish Chelsea play space, City Treehouse . To say my kid had a fabulous time is a gross understatement! The main attractions: a massive water table filled with toys and an artificial tree complete with a hidden clubhouse and a shiny slide. Mommy Poppins recently cited the play space as one of the cleanest in the city, and I must agree. Although the open house I attended was packed, the attentive staff was quick to mop up the inevitable spillage, and adults and children removed their shoes upon entry. If you're interested in checking out City Treehouse, you're in luck. Now through March 15, you can reserve a free one-hour playtime. Visit the website to book your spot!

    Time Out Kids on Damages

    Thu Feb 19

    FX's drama Damages about morally bankrupt power players in the Big Apple is one of my favorite shows on these days. (Unfortunately it's on opposite another great New York-set drama, Life on Mars. Thank god for TiVo!) Starring Glenn Close as an ethically-challenged lawyer who goes after evil corporate bastards, it's the kind of show that's filled with folks who are fascinating to watch from afar. I wouldn't want to meet any of these people in real life! So imagine my surprise last night when one of the characters--the dastardly CEO of a major energy corporation that's poisoning the environment--picked up a Time Out Kids and wondered aloud, "What do you do with kids in New York?" That was some seriously surprising product placement! I had to wonder what that says about us...are we the mag of choice of the Bernie Madoffs of the world? Say it ain't so!

    Donna Karan: Zen master

    Thu Feb 19

    Donna Karan wasn't all about bright lights and bodysuits during Fashion Week. She pulled together a crowd at her Greenwich Street Urban Zen store Wednesday to discuss the most-recent initiatives of her Urban Zen Foundation. Among the latest beneficiaries: Students in New York's public school system, whom Karan would like to introduce to more holistic, spiritual ways of thinking, in conjunction with the SFK (Spirituality For Kids) organization. She's also hoping Bent on Learning, a program that brings yoga into schools, can be introduced to help kids become more centered, loving little beings. Parents interested in either of these efforts can stop by Urban Zen at 705 Greenwich Street this coming week, where SFK will hold an open house on Sunday, March 1 from 1 to 5pm. Bent on Learning will host an event next door, at 711 Greenwich Street, Wednesday February 25th at 7pm.

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