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    Mon Jul 16

    For years, parents and public figures have deliberated on the dangers of children's internet use. The frightening number of creeps populating cyberspace is an obvious cause for parental concern, as is the widely accessible amount of unfiltered information. If kids only stuck to particularly kid-friendly web sites for tightly regulated windows of time, adults would have no reason to worry, right? As always, the answer isn't simple. According to several news outlets, the marketing-oriented makeup of popular children's sites like Webkinz is teaching our tykes some not-so beneficial habits. You see, the Webkinz site (a social networking utility reminiscent of Facebook) requires its users to own a $15 plush toy from its line of dolls, and buying a toy gives a child access to the site for a year. In a clever marketing strategy, kids are expected to buy at least one toy per year in the series of collectibles. According to CBS News , the user numbers of Webkinz have grown 13...

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    Fri Jul 13

    Having problems limiting your kids' TV time? For a serious solution, there's BOB . Essentially a timer that lets you turn off the TV at a certain time or block TV viewing during certain hours, BOB is designed to keep arguments at bay. The device offers reporting for every user and is under lock and key, so kids can't adjust it. Naturally, there's a master override so mom and dad can watch whatever they want. We think there's a better solution than BOB, and it's called talking. If you're planning a summer vacation that involves flying, you probably already have a headache. In addition to the schlepping of bags, hours of waiting, and sub-par airport food, you have to entertain your kids while you wait for that delayed flight out. USA Today has compiled a list of the most kid-friendly airports ; ones that feature play spaces, museums, and even a 3,000-gallon fish tank. Who didn't make the cut? JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark... Thinking about having a baby? If you want your...

    Me at E3

    Thu Jul 12

    Hey, Kids readers, I'll be at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this week and, as time and sanity permits, will blogging it up with video game news and antics from lovely Santa Monica. Check here for updates.

    Liar, liar, diaper on fire

    Wed Jul 11

    Babies everywhere: You're caught red-handed. You can't fool the speaking world anymore with those innocent, toothless grins and gibberish excuses. According to Vasudevi Reddy, the department head of psychology at the University of Portsmouth (UK), babies can actually "lie" or deceive before they even gurgle out those first words. Reddy claims that tots can learn to deceive (which includes antics such as fake crying for attention and pretending not to have just dumped dinner all over the floor) at as young as seven months, even though most psychologists contend that children can't really lie until age four. Parents of sneaky babies shouldn't worry though; apparently baby lying is just another way for newbies to become socially integrated into the world. Sad, but true.

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