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    Election day events

    Tue Nov 4

    Yay! The polls are finally open. Yikes, the kids are off from school, and after taking them to the voting booths you’re not sure what you’re going to do with them. Before you gripe that Election Day should be renamed Election Minute, check out these special November 4 activities that will keep you busy for a while … if not until the results come in. After watching you make your Presidential pick, minors can make their own major choice at Kids Get Out the Vote at the Scholastic Store. In addition to casting their ballot for the country’s next commander in chief, they can enter to win a prize package filled with books, toys and games. And of course you can always exercise your right to buy them a little something too. FREE Kids Get Out the Vote Tues 4 10am-7pm. The Scholastic Store, 557 Broadway between Prince and Spring Sts. Subway: N, R, W to Prince St.; 6 to Spring St. For more information, visit scholastic.com. In honor of 2008’s multicultural election, remind your...

    Nanny 911 comes to New York City

    Thu Oct 30

    Ever wonder why you never see a New York family on any of those kids-from-hell reality shows? We do. Much as we’d like to think we’re better parents than our suburban and rural counterparts, we’ve seen plenty of hateful behavior from our little city slickers—and not just in Park Slope either. Thankfully, Nanny 911 is here to  exploit , er, aid Big Apple families just like us!   We read the show’s audition flyer, and though we’d love to snark, deep down we can’t help feeling that the producers may indeed be talking to us.   “Are your children out of control?”   I have a toddler, so the answer should be obvious.   “Do they throw tantrums in public or have meltdowns during meals?”   That’s why I haven’t had a decent brunch in over a year.   “Would you like to implement structure and restore harmony to your household?”   Sure…and can you work on world peace too while you’re at it?   The notice calls for “outgoing, charismatic families who need help managing day-to-day family obstacles.”...

    Kid Picks review: HSM3

    Thu Oct 30

    Our buds over at Kid Picks asked youngsters what they thought of the final High School Musical installment. See what they had to say!      

    More election coverage with Linda Ellerbee

    Wed Oct 29

    Two weeks ago, over 2 million minors across the country logged on to nick.com to vote in the Kids Pick the President campaign. Obama came out ahead, but by a nose: With 51%, he had just 40,000 more votes than McCain. Nick kids have correctly predicted the winners in four out of the last five elections, so Barack should still be happy with his slim victory. Linda Ellerbee, host of Nick News and spokesperson for the event, dished with Time Out Kids about this pint-size political movement and how to get your own kids excited about the upcoming election. Why do you think Kids Pick the President is important? The reasoning is simple: we don’t believe citizenship starts when you’re 18; it starts when you’re born. It’s essentially an early exercise in democracy. If we get them involved when they’re young, maybe they will stay involved as they get older. This year [there’s been] a HUGE increase in interest in the candidates. Which candidate do kids seem to be more into? I...

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