Diana Carlin a.k.a. Lola Staar



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"My experience in Coney Island is defined by all the crazy characters I get to meet. Really, Coney Island is about them, so I tried to capture that. There's Brooklyn Baby Doll, for example, who is this iconic figure on the boardwalk. She takes the subway from Bushwick to Coney Island every weekend, wearing only a bikini and high heels, just to strut around here and be admired. I really hope there's a place for people like her as Coney Island changes. This project made me think about the uniqueness of this neighborhood, especially now that's it's changing and being renovated. Where else in New York, or in the entire world, can I befriend sword swallowers and hang out with circus animals on my lunch break?"

Coney Island activist and owner of Dreamland Roller Rink.

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