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That's such a Merce word.
Yeah. I also think it's good for us as dancers, too. Especially with what the company is doing, how they're managing this whole Legacy Tour and what their severance packages are for us; they're getting better, more concentrated work from us in this two-year period than if it was just this unknown, never-ending thing. I think people would have left already. It kept the group together, and it allows us to have the time to get as much as we can and share as much as we can from the work. And then they've given us the opportunity to have the time and resources to make the next step, whatever that is.

What did you choose to perform at the Armory?
I requested the duet from Ocean , which has turned into a whole section from Ocean , including that duet. Ocean is another piece that I wish we were doing on this Legacy Tour. 

Do you think about who you dance for now? Do you dance for yourself, or do you dance for each other?
I think we always danced for ourselves, even when Merce was there. I mean we danced for Merce and for a lot of other reasons as well, but that's part of what Merce encouraged: to be ourselves, and that when you get out onstage, you can share that within the movement he gives you. So that was always part of it, and that's still true, for me at least. But I do think that as a group of dancers, we've gotten much more cohesive in the last few years. It started even before Merce died—this need to band together rather than separate. We're all very supportive of each other. It doesn't eliminate any competition, but as a group we do all work really well together. And that's why I love doing these group pieces, which we don't have so many of. I wish we were doing more. A lot of the pieces from the '90s were group oriented. Which is funny because I don't think the company makeup in the '90s was as cohesive as we are. [ Laughs ] But I do think we really rely on each other.

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