The Hot Seat 2011

The Seat has been simmering all year long. Browse TONY's collection of Q&A's with the buzzworthy stars of 2011.



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  • Jim Broadbent

    The esteemed British actor admits to an all-American obsession.
  • John Waters

    America's pervy uncle spreads Christmas cheers and jeers.
  • Dominic West

    The former star of The Wire just wants to play a nice guy.
  • John Turturro

    The tree lover returns to the stage in The Cherry Orchard.
  • Eddie Redmayne

    The Tony Award-winning actor romances a legend in My Week with Marilyn.
  • Miss Piggy

    The fashion icon hogs the spotlight in The Muppets.
  • Chris Cooper

    The Oscar winner takes on his cutest adversaries yet: the Muppets.
  • Common

    The Renaissance man tackles racism in the Wild West.
  • Rachel Griffiths

    The TV star walks the Broadway boards in Other Desert Cities.
  • Mike Judge

    The Beavis and Butt-Head creator discusses the return of the bungholes.
  • Simon Le Bon

    Duran Duran's lead singer avoids gossip mags.

  • Jeffrey Eugenides

    The Pulitzer Prize--winning author explores more matters of the heart.

  • Mark Duplass

    The indie filmmaker and star of The League has a soft spot for stoners.

  • Jennifer Carpenter

    Dexter's foul-mouthed cop confronts her biggest fear.

  • Chevy Chase

    America's first father returns for a new season of Community.

  • Chris Colfer

    The multitalented Glee star taps into his animal instincts.

  • Justin Vivian Bond

    The downtown legend opens up in a new childhood memoir.

  • Adam Scott

    Parks and Recreation's straight man buddies up with Paul Rudd and dishes on a Party Down movie.

  • Ryan Kwanten

    The True Blood and Griff the Invisible star loves breaking down the male ego.

  • Jesse Eisenberg

    The 30 Minutes or Less star acts, writes and slings pizzas.

  • Jessica Chastain

    This rising star of the silver screen is still a spaz at heart.

  • Jenna Fischer

    The actor and future mom still mouths off to her own mother.

  • Lisa Kudrow

    The Friends and Web Therapy star is also an astute psychotherapist.

  • Charlie Day

    The actor figures out how to make manslaughter hilarious.

  • David Hyde Pierce

    The actor goes psycho in a new thriller, but is "a stoner at heart."

  • Florence Welch

    This machine has been known to run on liquid courage.

  • Neil Gaiman

    The British author draws on punk rock and Twitter for his inspiration.

  • Neil Patrick Harris

    Smurfs, Muppets and Tony Awards. NPH just can't slow down.

  • Nicholas Hoult

    X-Men's new Beast goes a little less wild than he did on Skins.

  • Todd Phillips

    The Hangover director weighs in on Gibson, Sandler...and Mr. Kim.

  • Jim Parsons

    TV's favorite physicist makes a Big Bang in his Broadway debut.

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    The Hesher star loves Metallica and Mary Poppins.

  • Chris Hemsworth

    The star of Thor knows that to succeed, you carry a big...hammer.

  • Kylie Minogue

    The tiny, iconic popstrel dishes on her $25 million tour.

  • Gilbert Gottfried

    People were ticked off by his tweets. They're going to love his memoir.

  • Martha Stewart

    The lifestyle guru knows how to hold her own---even with donkeys.

  • Eric Bana

    The former comic gets his Ursula Andress moment in Hanna.

  • Judy Greer

    The indie vet stars in a new sitcom. Also, babies scare her.

  • John Larroquette

    The TV star gets his big Broadway moment in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

  • Paul Giamatti

    He's one amazing actor...with a thing for wigs.

  • Rashida Jones

    Parks and Recreation's cutest cast member on Monogamy, The Muppets and making out with Rob Lowe.

  • Jim Gaffigan

    The standup hits Broadway for That Championship Season.

  • Maya Angelou

    America's foremost living poet lost her pants and lives like a rock star.

  • Samuel L. Jackson

    The world's highest-grossing actor tangles with Cormac McCarthy's The Sunset Limited---and the subway.

  • Robyn

    The Swedish dance-pop sensation is here---and she brought her robot.

  • Ben Foster

    The actor blows away his Disney past in a turn as an aspiring hitman.

  • Carrie Brownstein

    The former Sleater-Kinney guitarist tries her hand at comedy in Portlandia.

  • Chloë Sevigny

    More than 15 years after breaking out in Kids, the actress sheds her polygamist Big Love alter ego to return to NYC.

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