Three must-see fashion exhibits

A trio of fall shows display Daphne Guinness's closet, Japanese textiles and hats.



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  • Photograph: Jun'ichi Arai

    Flame-resistant shop curtain, 2005

  • Photograph: Akio Hamatani

    W-Orbit, 2010

  • Photograph: Kyko Ibe

    Site-specific work

  • Photograph: Yasuko Iyanaga

    Umi kara no okurimono: Air X (A Gift from the Sea: Air X), 2010

  • Photograph: Shigeo Kubota

    Shape of Red I, 2009

  • Photograph: Kyko Kumai

    Toki no katachi (The Shape of Time), 2011

  • Photograph: Hitomi Nagai

    Birth, 2011

  • Photograph: Yuh Okano

    Flower: Coming Events Cast Their Shadow Before, 2010

  • Photograph: Fuminori Ono

    Feel the Wind, 2010

  • Photograph: Reiko Sdo

    Fabrication, 2011

  • Photograph: Hiroko Watanabe

    Aka no kod (Red Pulse), 1999

Photograph: Jun'ichi Arai

Flame-resistant shop curtain, 2005

"Fiber Futures: Japan's Textile Pioneers"
The cutting-edge fiber-art in this exhibit doesn't resemble your standard T-shirt: The show, which displays contributions by 30 Japanese artists, examines the ways in which various textiles can be transformed into abstract art. The artist Kinya Koyama, for example, uses a Japanese papermaking process to create flat sheets that he rolls into whimsical cones. Japan Society ( Sept 16--Dec 18. $10--$15.

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