New Yorkers on their favorite works

Five celebs answer: What's your favorite work of art in a New York City museum?



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Michael Showalter, comedian and actor
“The sculptures of cats from ancient Egypt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As a cat lover, I feel a great sense of connection to the ancient Egyptians. They, like me, worshipped cats. The sculptures present cats as they are—noble, aloof, enigmatic and impossible to take your eyes off of.”

Rob Riggle, comedian and former Daily Show correspondent
“The last time I went to a museum in New York was probably last summer, right before I went to China. They had this wonderful Civil War exhibit [“Grant and Lee in War and Peace”] at the New-York Historical Society. It had Lee and Grant. I’m kind of a Civil War buff and thought that was an amazing exhibit.”

Tao Lin, author and blogger
“One of my favorites is the current 'Dan Graham: Beyond’ exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art. I like that it provides a retrospective for Dan Graham that I wasn’t able to experience prior to it. I also like that Dan Graham has had a steady output throughout his career.”

Andrew W.K., musician, motivational speaker and professional party animal
“My favorite thing at any local museum is the climate control AC/heat boxes in the Guggenheim. When I first visited the museum at age 15, I thought the control panel was a modern art piece, like Marcel Duchamp’s urinal—a common object presented in an uncommon context. I love modern art because it encourages the viewer to gaze upon all objects, no matter how common, and consider them as art. It helps build an awareness for the beauty of the world.”

Ashton Kutcher, actor and model
“You know what is cool? That 'Bodies: The Exhibition’ thing at South Street Seaport. That was amazing. I was a big biochem guy in college, so I really appreciated the artistic value of biology.”

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