"Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art"

  • Christian Alzmann, Biased

  • Joy Ang, Terrosel

  • Rick Berry, Frost; Courtesy of IDW Publishing; Sparrow: The Art of Rick Berry

  • Bill Carman, Fine Dining; Courtesy of Basement Gallery

  • Ciruelo, Dark Dsurion and Hobsyllwin; Courtesy of Fairies and Dragons Calendar...

  • Craig Philips, Journey Between Worlds; Courtesy of Penguin

  • Shelly Wan, Charge

Christian Alzmann, Biased

“Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art” at the Museum of American Illustration at Society of Illustrators (Sept 1--Oct 17)
Rediscover your imagination at this exhibit of the top fantasy, horror, sci-fi and surreal artists from around the globe. The 120-plus works run the fantastic gamut—from illustrations of a majestic dragon to a melancholy Mars dweller—in seven categories, including video, 3-D art, comics, digital art and graphic novels.

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