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Fringe wineshops

Boutique wine stores are popping up in unexpected nabes. Momofuku wine director Theresa Paopao helps us size up these quirky spots.



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Windsor Terrace: Juicebox Wine & Spirits

1289 Prospect Ave between Greenwood Ave and Reeve Pl, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn (718-871-1110)

Near the southwestern tip of Prospect Park, this sunny storefront caters to young families, with a playhouse in the back and loyalty stamp cards at the register (12 stamps gets you a bottle under $15 for $1). In the front, a rack prominently displays five New York wines. "I went up to the Finger Lakes recently and their rieslings were really good," says Paopao, looking over a bottle of Shaw Vineyard Finger Lakes Riesling 2007 ($16.99). The shop also specializes in local whiskeys, and she jumps at the sight of bourbon ($24.99) and moonshine ($22.99) from Kings County Distillery, where she volunteers on her days off to learn about the distilling process. A biodynamic bottle—Chateau Maris Minervois Natural Selection Biodynamic Syrah, Languedoc-Roussillon, France 2009 ($18.99)—also piques her interest. "A lot of people like to focus on the hocus-pocus part of biodynamic wines," says Paopao, referring to the vineyard practices of planting during specific moon phases and burying cow horns filled with manure. "But I think there is something to be said about anyone who is paying that much attention to what's going on around them and the grapes."

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