Know your bartender

Cocktail pioneer Dale DeGroff is fond of saying that people visit the bartender, not the bar. In that spirit, we present the men and women who make our favorite cocktail joints shine. By Jordana Rothman and Chris Schonberger



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Photograph: Dale May

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I'm sure they're all decent drink slingers, but these bartenders totally all look like interchangeable clones of each other. Was the beard and vest styling on purpose? Or could you really not find a wider range of bartenders (excuse me, mixologists)? Where's the blue collar representation? Where's someone who's been doing this for 20 years? If people come to the bar for the bartender, are you telling me we don't have a wider range of personality types than this? Even the girl behind a beach bar in Coney Island would have added more interest & color to this. Artisanal bitters and fancy jigger pours do not a "best bartender" make. You didn't even try with this, Time Out. Did. Not. Try.