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The best new movies on Netflix in August 2014

Happy August, readers! We know you're probably kicking back on the beach, cozying up with a sandy paperback, or flipping the digital ink on your e-reader. But what'll you do when nighttime rolls around or the humidity brings on one of those flash-flood thunderstorms? Thank heavens for NETFLIX! The popular streaming service has just released the list of movies and TV shows that will be available during the month of August, and there's plenty here to keep you occupied in the last of the dog days. Time Out New York's Film team recommends the following titles:

Mad Max (1979): Mel Gibson kills the “Nightrider” (no, not David Hasselhoff) and suffers the consequences in postapocalyptic Australia. George Miller crafted an end-times version of Death Wish with this vigilante flick, and paved the way for many a dystopian film to come, including his own The Road Warrior (1981).

Nymphomaniac: Volume I & Volume II (2013): Lars von Trier's latest provocation is a doozy—a four-hour-plus character study of a sex addict (Charlotte Gainsbourg) who recalls her many raunchy escapades to a kindly confessor (Stellan Skarsgård). You'll even get to see embattled actor Shia LaBeouf in LaBuff! (Sorry.)

The Killing: Season 4 (2014): See how things wrap up for detectives Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) in the six-episode final season of the love-it-or-hate-it crime series, given a new lease on life by Netflix.

Rocky (1976): All hail the reigning champion of modern sports-underdog stories, in which a Philly bruiser gets a shot at the title (as opposed to, say, a one-way ticket to Palookaville). 

The Birdcage (1996): This pastel-colored updating of La Cage aux Folles, relocated to South Beach, Miami with Nathan Lane and Robin Williams as the amusingly histrionic gay lovers, is almost too much of a good thing.

The Cable Guy (1996): Ben Stiller's dark, homoerotic comedy about a needy TV installer pretty much scared the shit out of Jim Carrey’s fans, accustomed as they were to more benign rubbery-faced fare. We wish he’d be this daring more often.

And here’s the full list of what’s coming to Netflix streaming in August:

Available August 1 
Airbud: Golden Retriever 
D2: The Mighty Ducks
Ella Enchanted
Freaky Friday 
Goodbye World
Harlock: Space Pirate 
The Killing: Season 4
Kinky Boots
Mad Max
Mean Creek
Red Dawn 
Rocky II
Rocky III
Rocky IV 
Rocky V 
Saints and Soldiers
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow 
Spark: A Burning Man Story
Spice World
Switchfoot: Fading West
The Birdcage
The Cable Guy
The Gabby Douglas Story
The Mighty Ducks
Turner and Hooch
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Available August 6
Justin Bieber's Believe 

Available August 7
Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey 
Nymphomaniac: Volume I
Nymphomaniac: Volume II 
Stage Fright

Available August 12
Haven: Season 4
Kill Zombie!
Low Winter Sun: Season 1

Available August 13
The Nut Job

Available August 14
Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses

Available August 15 
Great Expectations
Mission Blue

Available August 16
Dead Silence

Available August 18
Thanks for Sharing

Available August 20
Dhoom: 3 

Available August 22
BoJack Horseman: Season 1

Available August 25
Parenthood: Season 5

Available August 26 
Barbershop 2: Back in Business 
The Motel Life 

Available August 29
Once Upon a Time: Season 3
Revenge: Season 4

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