Suck It, Wonder Woman!

Munn fans rejoice, all others proceed with caution.

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<strong>Rating: </strong>2/5

Perhaps best-known for hosting G4's Attack of the Show!, appearing the February 2007 cover of Playboy and harboring a love of pie, Olivia Munn has recently gained fandom beyond the frat crowd. Thanks (in part) are due to a tryout on The Daily Show in a segment that sparked competition between Munn and Samantha Bee (the show's sole female correspondent). And there's more Munn to love in Suck It, Wonder Woman!, the comedian's collection of...something.

Die-hard Munn fans will revel in their geek goddess's tome. There's a photo spread of her dressed as everyone from Catherine the Great to Pocahontas to Sailor Moon, there's a cliffhanger tale of her first lesbian encounter, and there's even a proposition courtesy of Evander Holyfield. What's lacking here is depth. Munn is a literary cock-tease, offering tantalizing glimpses into her charmed life—antique dildos and all—but never establishing full verbal penetration (one significant exception is a stark recap of her grandmother's death). It's not that she lacks substance, rather that her substance gets held up by her style.

It's almost unfair to compare Munn and Bee—the latter is great with child and the former, clad as a French maid, jumped into a chocolate cream pie—and yet it's hard not to do just that with SuckIt; it comes out hot on the heels of Bee's I Know I Am, But What Are You? For us, it's no contest. An entire chapter devoted to fan art is good blog fodder, but does not a book make.

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By Olivia Munn. (St. Martin's Press, 23.99)