Five fun facts: Paul Kalkbrenner

Techno star Paul Kalkbrenner plays live at Webster Hall.



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Paul Kalkbrenner

Paul Kalkbrenner Photograph: courtesy Infamous PR

1. The dude is prolific. The German techno vet’s 2012 long-player, Guten Tag, is his ninth album. Singles? He’s got scores of ’em, many on Ellen Allien’s Bpitch Control label.

2. He’s big in his native country, but he’s huge on the other side of the Rhine. Guten Tag reached No. 5 on the German charts—but it soared all the way to the top position in Switzerland.

Fritz Kalkbrenner

3. His younger sibling is an artist of note as well. Fritz Kalkbrenner is a dance-music figure in his own right, working in deep house as both a producer and a vocalist; among other claims to fame, he and Paul coproduced the soundtrack to the 2009 feature-length film Berlin Calling.

4. He’s a movie star. Paul holds down the lead role in Berlin Calling…playing a German techno biggie. It may not seem like much of a stretch, but we doubt if Kalkbrenner was ever committed to a clinic due to drug-induced psychosis, as his character was in the film.

5. Almost all of his album and song titles are in German. “Not all techno albums have to be called Energy or The First Rebirth,” Kalkbrenner explains. Amen to that, Bruder.

Paul Kalkbrenner plays Webster Hall Thursday, December 5.

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