Unicorn Meat NYC Presents the Wander: A Cosmopolitan Experience

Photograph: 1996-98 AccuSoft Inc., All right
Monday December 31 2012 21:00

The Unicorn Meat crew, never content to toss a regular old party, is framing its New Year's Eve excursion as a sprawling, wanderlust sort of affair, with Moroccan belly dancers here, a Malian kora player there, the ancient pyramids (or reasonable facsimiles thereof) right behind you…you get the idea. And it's going to be a red-hot dance party as well, with Moby and Lee Burridge among those spinning the electronic rhythms. The secret location (which we have on good authority is in Brooklyn) will be announced a bit before the shindig.

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Venue name: Location TBA
New York

Price: $60–$110. Advance tickets available through unicornmeatnyc.com