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Joe Mande throws a lot of balls against the proverbial wall. He performs stand-up, contributes to Best Week Ever and, and created, with his comedy partner Noah Garfinkel, a bit of pop-culture genius called the “Andy Rooney Game,” wherein the first and last lines of Rooney’s 60 Minutes diatribes are edited into 20-second clips.

So he was surprised when the side project in which he was least invested suddenly took off. In March of last year, he started the blog Look at This Fucking Hipster (LATFH). “It was just a dumb thing I did one afternoon to make my friends laugh,” he explains. The rather self-explanatory catalog of photos, with snarky captions, became an instant success and led to a lucrative book deal; Mande, 27, celebrates the book’s release with a special show Wednesday 31.

Still, he maintains that stand-up is his focus. Sometimes his jokes are strange stories, such as the time he stepped on a cat in a bodega or was wrongfully accused of masturbating in Spanish class. Other times, he mocks the absurd. When a friend professes to be a foodie, Mande responds, “You know who else is a foodie? Everyone on earth. You have to be or you die.” Then he rants, “I’m a big foodie! I eat, like, three times a day...but most of all, I’m a breathie. Breathing air? That’s the best thing in the world! I couldn’t go two minutes without breathing.”

Because he predominately plays alt-scene rooms, I ask if he is a hipster. “No,” he says, but then adds, “I mean, I buy expensive sneakers. And I don’t really have a job. So I guess there is some overlap if you made a Venn diagram.”

Mande plays 25 Words or Less Thu 25 at Comix, and celebrates at Totally J/K presents: LATFH Book Release Show Wed 31 at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. LATFH (St. Martin’s Press, $12) comes out Tue 30.

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