Lonely Island guest stars speak

Akon and Michael Bolton reveal what it was like to sing on Turtleneck & Chain.



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Akon, featured on "I Just Had Sex"

Andy says you guys met on the red carpet at the Grammys. Were you a fan of the Lonely Island already?
Yes, my publicist introduced us, and it's actually funny because she told me they were nominated for a Grammy for "I'm on a Boat," with T-Pain, who is signed to my label—and that song was a spoof on my music video for "I'm So Paid." We had a good laugh on the carpet when we met, and I told them I would have given them my boat if they asked.

Are you a comedy fan in general? What do you like about what they do?
I am definitely a fan of comedy and of Lonely Island. They are super talented and have an ear for music. They know how to put a song together that you would want to hear again, even with the ridiculous lyrics. While working with them you see how they complement each other when it comes to writing, producing and getting the visuals together to really make the comedy come through.

When the band said they had a song written for you, were you nervous as to what it might be?
Not at all. I was excited and knew it would be hilarious. You have to have fun in this business, and I knew that these guys take what they do seriously and that the production and comedy would be there.

What was your first reaction on hearing "I Just Had Sex"?
I cracked up. Andy had recorded my lyrics and sent me a rough cut. His impression of me was hilarious. I played around with it a bit to make sure it had that radio appeal, and within a few hours we had our anthem.

How much fun was it to perform the song live at the Comedy Awards? It looked like a blast.
The Comedy Awards were incredible. We actually had back-up dancers and a full choir. For me the hardest part was trying to keep a straight face while Andy and Jorma performed. As you can see, I had a permanent grin the entire performance.

Will you be performing the song live as part of your own set on tour?
We are trying to get the guys out to a show to perform the track with me while I'm on tour with Usher. If our schedules work out, you will definitely get to see us perform it live.

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