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Thanks to all who voted for their favorite Joke of the Week in 2012! It was a very tight race, but in the end Ben Kronberg emerged the victor with his bilingual play on words. Check out the winner and all of the worthy runners-up below.

WINNER: Ben Kronberg

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I don’t like to call my stepdad my “stepdad,” I like to call him my “faux pas.” Because everything he does is wrong.

Sam Morril


My girlfriend said, "I want you to do me like it's your job." So I started checking my e-mail and looking at my phone to see when I could leave.

Jim Tews


I know I’m maturing because the last time I took a nap, I dreamt that I paid all my bills for the month. Then I woke up with an erection.

Emily Heller


I wear glasses, which a lot of people call the “sexy librarian” look. Or in my case, the “librarian” look.

Miguel Dalmau


Spanish guys get tattoos with biblical phrases all the time, which is good because if all Bibles were destroyed, church could just be, "Today we shall read from the arm of Julio."

Nate Fernald


I have a Muslim friend who got an audiobook of the Koran on CD. I'm not sure why, but he got really offended when I asked him to burn it for me.

Aparna Nancherla


Any pizza is a personal one if you cry while you eat it.

Jamie Lee


My body is my temple because sometimes my rabbi is in it.

Nikki Glaser


I hate when I’m taking a shower and accidentally shave myself while cutting.

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Michelle Wolf's should have won. Clever and actually funny. The rest were mostly pretty lame. A couple half chuckles, but that's being generous. I'm sure their standup is funnier and these quotes are relatively out of context, but if that's the case, the quote should've been different.


Bad taste in a joke. First of all there are many interpretations of this. Are you a predator and were talking about young "milf"s under 18 getting their GED or are you completely sexist. For a magazine that's part of the politically correct crowd that probably doesn't want to offend a race, gender or nationality I am disgusted that you would choose to offend women with children. Absolutely DISGUSTING. Very poor taste. Very disappointed in Timeout ny