Best new beer bar or garden: The Standard Biergarten



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Booze. Meat. Dirndls. A classic combination, perhaps even more compelling when contained in the hotness that is the Standard Hotel. The Standard Biergarten, which debuted last year, is among the hotel's several boozy attractions. And it's your favorite for good reason: The all-German-and-Austrian lineup of beers, such as the Ayinger Weisse and Kstritzer Dark Bier, should please most brew geeks, while foodies can savor the currywurst, pretzels and other Teutonic treats from chef Kurt Gutenbrunner. The convivial outdoor setting, with the requisite communal tables, is an oasis in the B&T MePa—an added bonus. The Standard Biergarten 848 Washington St at 13th St, entrance on Little W 12th St (212-645-4646)

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