Best new burger: Minetta Tavern

  • Photographs: Jolie Ruben

Photographs: Jolie Ruben

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Keith McNally's West Village throwback—the city's most exclusive new restaurant—served your choice for best burger even though only the most connected diners made it in the front door. Take our word for it, the $26 masterpiece—a blend of rib eye, skirt steak and brisket gently basted with clarified butter, topped with caramelized onions and served on an eggy Balthazar Bakery bun—lives up to the hype. An aged steak in puck form, it's become an icon for both the restaurant that serves it and for the purveyor (Pat LaFrieda) who sources the meat. Minetta Tavern 113 MacDougal Street between Bleecker and W 3rd Sts (212-475-3850)