Best reason to ditch the shot glass: Mayahuel

Lick, shoot, bite, repeat. For years, those steps constituted one of the main ways most of us drank tequila. Then came Mayahuel, and in one decisive motion bartender Phil Ward proved to us all that the Mexican spirit was far more than something to toss back in a teeth-gritting flash. He deftly pairs it—and its smoky cousin, mescal—in seemingly endless combinations, like the Pilot's Punch, with a wide range of compatriots: bittersweet grapefruit, oxidized sherry, vegetal celery, earthy chocolate, spicy jalapeo, tart lime, and refreshing mint and cucumber. We're convinced: It's time to sip. Mayahuel 304 E 6th St between First and Second Aves (212-253-5888)