Later, seder

Eat Out picks the season's most intriguing Passover eats.

  • Matzoh tostada at Toloache

  • Passover amuse-bouche at Telepan

  • Salmon and whitefish gefilte fish at Russ & Daughters

  • Truffled matzoh ball soup at Commerce

  • Chipotle chopped liver at Rosa Mexicano

  • Tropical haroset at Rosa Mexicano

  • Manischewitz cocktail at JoeDoe

  • Double-dipped matzah at Payard

  • Peanut-butter-chocolate-covered matzah at Jacques Torres

Matzoh tostada at Toloache

Photographs: Virginia Rollison

1. Toloache
Many crimes against taste have been committed using matzo meal as a substitute for more traditional starches, but chef Julian Medina’s $12 matzo tostada—part of a dedicated menu of Passover specials—isn’t one of them. Hand-pressed matzo tortillas are topped with house-smoked whitefish and a salad of habanero chilies and red onion.

2. Telepan
Chef Bill Telepan’s UWS eatery applies its rigorously seasonal philosophy to the Passover meal on April 8 and 9. Among the more intriguing options on the $65 prix-fixe: a “Passover amuse” of a potato latke with smoked trout, and dried-fruit chutney with gefilte fish.

3. Russ & Daughters
We can’t imagine forgoing R&D’s Super Heeb bagel sandwich for a full week (neither can the Russ family; you can still get bagels during Passover, though they are hidden away out of respect). For pious types, Russ & Daughters offers all manner of Passover tasties, including this salmon-and-whitefish gefilte ($3.49 a piece, and a good option for those who haven’t developed the stomach for pike).

4. Commerce
Your mother’s chicken soup this ain’t. Behold the matzo balls ($13) fashioned by chef de cuisine Snir Eng-Sela at West Village restaurant Commerce. The eggy dumplings are given a luxe boost with the addition of shaved black truffles—fit for a prince (of Egypt).

5. Rosa Mexicano
We’re not sure the addition of chipotle peppers makes a chopped-liver dish any more Mexican—but we bet it makes it taste damn good. Try it stuffed into a taco with egg, tempura scallions and chicken—part of the restaurant’s la carte Passover offerings. We’re also intrigued by the $7 charoset, made with pears, apples, bananas, dates, almonds, cinnamon and sweet wine.

6. JoeDoe
JoeDoe’s “Progressive Passover” takes place on April 7, leaving you free to indulge your mother and go home during the actual seder nights (April 8 and 9). Follow along using co-owner Jill Schulster’s childhood Haggadot (books telling the Passover story) and nosh on a $45 four-course menu, including foie gras--stuffed matzo balls and this Manischewitz cocktail, made with Old Pogue Bourbon, fresh lemon and a sugared matzo rim.

7. Payard
If you do make it home for pesach, you’re going to have to come bearing gifts. Swing by Payard Patisserie to pick up this double-dipped matzo ($5 per piece)—the flatbread is coated in caramel, dark chocolate, sliced almonds and fleur de sel.

8. Jacques Torres
Leave it to pastry chef Jacques Torres to one-up Payard. We’re mad for his peanut-butter-covered matzo, which includes a layer of homemade PB coated in a shell of deep, dark chocolate. A bag of four pieces will run you $8—don’t waste this stuff on the afikomen.

Photographs: Virginia Rollison

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