Restaurant Week

Whether you think it's an imbroglio of boojie bargain hunters and ticked-off waiters, or your only chance to infiltrate upper-class eating establishments, Restaurant Week ain't goin' anywhere. Might as well score brownie points with your date, your boss, your parents and your friends. Here's where to take them.



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Le Cirque

Le Cirque

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On a date: Sure, you could go to an upscale French place, but there’s also lavish Lebanese, swanky Scandinavian and other underrepresented cuisines that are eager to please.

Impress the boss or the parents: Grand interiors, refined cuisine, and blinding wine lists make up these schmancy, fail-safe crowd-pleasers.

With the buddy brigade: Pile into a boisterous eatery, crash a trendy spot or snicker in the corner at a ridiculously gourmet lunch.

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