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Drunk: The Definitive Drinker's Dictionary
Drunk has more synonyms than any other word in the English language—so goes the conceit behind this quirky collection of 2,964 entries. Author Paul Dickson, a Merriam-Webster consulting editor, follows a long line of tipsy lexicographers: Benjamin Franklin's 228-term Drinker's Dictionary was the first of its kind, in 1737, and Langston Hughes published his own tabulation in a 1958 Chicago Defender article, "How Many Words for Drunk." This exhaustive book of synonyms (including gems like "boiled as an owl," "lit up like high mass" and "liver-lubed") is accompanied by witty illustrations from Los Angeles artist Brian Rea. Available at New Museum Store, 235 Bowery at Prince St (212-219-1222). $19.95.
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Mozo shoes
These bercomfy slip-ons are the ideal gift for your kitchen-obsessed pals. A forthcoming line of signature chef shoes—designed by celeb toques such as Aarn Sanchez and Marcus Samuelsson—are like the Air Jordans of the food world, but we're suckers for the tongue-in-cheek pairs emblazoned with fried eggs on one foot and strips of bacon on the other. Available at From $59.95.

Dark-chocolate balsamic vinegar
Dark chocolate infuses this 12-year-old Italian balsamic, balancing the vinegar's bright acidity with velvety undertones of earthy cocoa. Pair the elixir with steak for a mole-like richness, drizzle it over a bowl of vanilla gelato or just use a splash to punch up a bowl of summer strawberries. Available at the Filling Station, Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Ave at 16th St (212-989-3868). 200ml bottle $9.95.

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