30 movies to see this winter

Here are the cool titles on our radar as the temperature plummets.



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  • War Horse



  • Roadie

  • The Divide

  • Photograph: Claudette Barius


War Horse

War Horse
The other Spielberg movie of the season is a period epic that follows the adventures of a boy and his favorite equine through the WWI trenches. Here's hoping this undoubted tear-jerker has more horse sense than sentimentality. (Dec 30)

Robert Bresson retrospective
What better way to combat the January doldrums than with Film Forum's near-complete retro of the cinema giant known for such striking, soul-penetrating masterpieces as Pickpocket, Au Hasard Balthazar and L'argent. Truly, there's not a dud in the bunch. (Jan 6--19; Film Forum)

After touring the world with Blue yster Cult, an underachieving man-child (Ron Eldard) moves back in with his mother in this keenly observed Queens drama, one of the few standouts of the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. (Jan 6)

The Divide
Manhattan suffers a harrowing nuclear attack and we're stuck in a cellar for the duration of the movie. Can you stand Michael Biehn and Rosanna Arquette for two hours? Postapocalyptic dramas rarely come this bleak. (Jan 13)

We've seen female Muay Thai champion Gina Carano take down mixed martial arts contenders; now watch her reinvigorate the action movie. Steven Soderbergh's espionage thriller pits this photogenic fighter against an army of black-ops agents. (Jan 20)

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