Bret McKenzie, songwriter, The Muppets



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The nomination must seem surreal to you.
I honestly can't believe this has happened. I had a dream as a child that one day, I would write a song for the Muppets.

Like that's such a peculiar dream? I'm a big fan of ["Rainbow Connection" composer] Paul Williams. I've studied his songs—well, study is probably too strong a word.

I see you at a desk doing homework.
Right, I looked online for a Paul Williams course, but I couldn't find one. Anyway, I just got an e-mail from him congratulating me. Really sweet.

Meanwhile, we like your odds here: There are only two nominees. Are you getting hate mail from Srgio Mendes?
No. [Pause] Not yet. I have a feeling this will never happen again, because they're going to change the rules. It seems like there's been a mistake. I beat Elton John off the list.

Did you have a dream about that?
Yes, when I was a young child. It was about Elton John not being nominated.

How are you being treated in L.A.?
I just went to the luncheon—they give everyone a sweatshirt, a hoodie. It's black with a gold "NOMINEE" stenciled on it. I'm spending the whole month wearing it, demanding more respect. I'm pretty sure Scorsese and Spielberg are rocking them as well.

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