Interview: Austin Armacost

The star of Logo's The A-List: New York dishes on his cast mates, posing for Playgirl and how he feels about all those fat jokes.



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You have a pretty big blowout with the new cast member, Nyasha, on the first episode of the season.
Within the first five minutes of when I met her, I knew what kind of car she drove, how many assistants she has and what her salary was. And that just didn't sit well with me. I don't think she's a nice person. I don't want to speak ill about her—I want people to draw their own conclusion—but I can almost guarantee after season two their conclusion will be the same as mine. But that night, I kind of came in all guns blazing because Rodiney had said some things about Derek's mother. I was just, literally, in all senses of the word, prepared to fight for Derek. He's a small guy, and I think he says a lot with his words, but when it comes down to getting physical, he tends to shy away from that, and I was ready to beat Rodiney's ass.

And Nyasha got in the way.
Well, after that night, I was really shaken up because I didn't know her.... And for a woman's first impression of me to be that I hit her... It's really not okay for a woman to think that I hit her. I'm from Southern Indiana; I have a lot of respect for women and I didn't want anybody to think that was the situation.

She does later say she knows you didn't intentionally try to hit her.
Okay, good. Because I haven't seen the first episode, but... Well, her true colors came out that night. She was acting like a wild woman. For a woman of supposedly elite society in the city of New York...I have never seen a woman behave like that. It was disgraceful.

So she's not your favorite person.
Not at all. I told her I respect her for being a businesswoman and for making a career for herself at such a young age, but she just can't stop talking about the shoes she's wearing or the designer belt she has on or the car she drives or how many assistants she has. And what's funny—and what I'm kind of pissed off about—is that many of my cast members have told me in confidence that they think she's a bitch, they think she's all about money, they really don't like her. But you know, they're trying to sell a product, so they're being nice to her and they're saying things behind her back. It's really sad and pathetic. And this is one of the reasons why I don't consider myself a New Yorker, because a lot of it is fake and phony. This season, I go to a lot of charity events, and these people just carry themselves around town so high-tootin'-falutin', and then on the weekends, I see them out in the Hamptons doing coke off some little guy's ass in the hot tub!

What other excitement should we expect this season?
I think one thing you'll find surprising is that this summer will be extremely rocky as far as Derek's and my friendship goes. In my eyes, it's like this: Reichen and Rodiney, even though they're not together, they're still there for each other; Ryan has TJ; Mike now has Martin; my husband is now here. I feel like Derek is really the only one on the show who doesn't have an amigo, a sidekick. So whether he subconsciously pushes me away because he's mad because my husband is here, I don't know. There's times when I can't stand him and times when he can't stand me, but when the cameras aren't rolling, we're fantastic friends. And when the cameras are rolling, we tend to be a bit more bitchy. We all know that we need to have some drama, so that I can be having this conversation with you next year when we're shooting season three; that's what it's all about. They don't want Derek and I sitting there at a table saying how pretty we are. That's fucking boring. I think Derek needs to realize that there are some things that happen on the television show that don't really play into our real lives. But we'll see.

Something that keeps coming up on the show is your weight. Is that hard to watch? Or do you have a sense of humor about it?
The only time it becomes an issue is if I do want to do the cover of Playgirl or if I do want to get back into modeling. I obviously recognize that if I drop 20 pounds, a lot more people would buy Playgirl if I was on it. But I'm very happy with my body. I work out to stay healthy; I don't work out to look like an Adonis. A lot of gay men in New York City work out because if they need to get laid, then they need a good profile picture for Grindr with their top off. I'm happily married, so I don't need those things.

So you're confident.
Absolutely. I'm a bit husky, I'm a bit stocky. That's just who I am. And my husband loves a stocky man. I like to keep him happy, and I keep him happy with a little meat on my bones.

Season two of The A-List: New York airs Mondays at 10pm on Logo.

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robert j menger
robert j menger

i loved the show auston was real i like that also verry HOT i would like to know the next show love you guys all !!!