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A winner at the recent Venice Film Festival, this nail-biter is set almost entirely within the grungy confines of an Israeli armored war machine rolling north. All we see of the outside world appears through the turret, and life in the crosshairs takes its toll on the small crew as static-laced transmissions drive them to an uncertain psychological terrain. The material is treated with an emotional distance: no teary monologues here about the little lady back home or the meaning of the war. Israeli writer-director Samuel Maoz instead plunges us into a single night and day in the routine of a crew; the accomplishment here is a beautifully formal one. If you’re a fan of intense military parables, you won’t want to miss das boot on this one. Thursday, Oct 1 at 9:30pm; Friday, Oct 2 at 3pm—Joshua Rothkopf

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New York Film Festival 2009

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