Summer movies: Trailers and reviews for the summer's best films

From the biggest studio blockbusters to the best alternative docs and indies, we've got the scoop on (and sneak peeks of) all of the season's hottest films.



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The Wolverine

The Wolverine

Summer is here and the time is right for more than dancing in the streets; it's also time to wait endlessly in sweltering ticket lines, freeze your buns off in Arctic-chilled movie theaters—and still get inordinately psyched for the next big blockbuster. This season promises to be huger than most, as superheroes (Iron Man! Superman! Wolverine!), well-known franchises (from Star Trek to those Fast & Furious racers) and A-list comedians battle for eyeball dominance week after week. Where to begin? Consult our handy guide below regarding the 30 coolest things to see this summer (including some choice revivals and offbeat picks). Then watch the trailers, read Q&As with the season's filmmakers and stars, and check out our critics' reviews to see which summer movies to avoid—and which ones to make a hot-ticket priority.

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