The Final Destination and Halloween II

Two pop-horror franchises release new chapters today. What are snobs ignoring? TONY offers a primer.



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The Final Destination

What is it? The Final Destination series, started in 2000

What are people missing? Totally fun, these films mount elaborate, Hitchcock--worthy sequences in which the banal objects of everyday life coalesce into perfect death traps. The fear is especially modern.

The moment that got me: In Final Destination 3 (2006), two bubbleheads are cooked in their tanning beds. In a savagely funny stroke, the overhead camera cuts directly to their coffins at the funeral.—JR

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What is it? Rob Zombie’s 2007 remake of Halloween.

What are people missing? It takes one of the stupidest elements from the original Halloween series (Laurie Strode is Michael Myers’s sister) and makes something truly meaty out of it. This is an unsettling, blood-soaked tragedy about a family caught in an inescapable cycle of violence. It uses our familiarity with John Carpenter’s original to further its uniquely potent sense of unease.

The moment that got me: The deaths of Laurie’s adoptive parents are so brutal and relentless, they seem to be happening right in front of us. But we’re helpless to stop it.—KU

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