TONY Film's rep pick of the day: Nothing but a Man at Film Forum

A vintage depiction of life in the Jim Crow south returns for an encore



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Nothing but a Man

Nothing but a Man

A landmark of American independent filmmaking and African-American screen representation, Michael Roemer's 1964 drama follows the trials and tribulations of a black blue-collar worker (Hogan's Heroes' Ivan Dixon) struggling to make ends meet in racist Alabama. He's not one to kowtow to the local bigots, which earns him the admiration of a preacher's daughter (Abbey Lincoln) and cuts off his chances of finding substantial work in the local saw mills. Dixon's performance is a study in the effectiveness of understatement; that's a young Yaphet Kotto playing his brooding buddy and if you look closely, you'll spot Good Times' Esther Rolles as a singing churchgoer. Our full review is here, and be sure to catch this rarely revived gem while you can.

Nothing but a Man screens at 1, 3:10, 5:20 and 9:15pm at Film Forum.

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