Trash Humpers



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Per usual, Harmony Korine flaunts his class contempt in this pseudo-update of Gummo, shot in the late-night parking lots of Nashville. The stars—including Korine and his wife—wear creepy old-person masks and cackle like caricaturish white-trash loons as they mount innocent garbage bins, smash fluorescent lightbulbs and repeat bizarre, nonsensical mantras (“Make it, make it, don’t break it!”). Intentionally, the whole thing approximates a cruddy VHS tape, a “found object” per Korine’s statements, and an air of menace hangs over the proceedings. But don’t confuse that vibe for significance. This is hardly festworthy fare; if you do go, you’ll feel trapped in a parody of serious viewing. You will have just humped trash. Expect the postscreening Q&A to be tense among those who stay. Thursday, Oct 1 at 10pm—Joshua Rothkopf

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New York Film Festival 2009

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