Wholphin III



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WITHOUT A NET The U.S. and Mexico face off in “Walleyball.”

WITHOUT A NET The U.S. and Mexico face off in “Walleyball.”

An unintended (or is it?) side effect of a “DVD magazine of unseen things” such as this quarterly McSweeney’s offshoot is that the good segments makes the bad ones look even worse. Bob Odenkirk’s tale of pathetic twentysomethings, “A Bee and a Cigarette,” and the Japanese Stooges in Naisu No Mori’s “Funky Forest: The First Contact,” feel even more puerile next to Khadija Al-Salami’s poignant doc portrait of a Yemeni teenage girl, “A Stranger in Her Own City,” Jonas Odell’s visually inspired “Never Like the First Time!,” or Wholphin’s own “Walleyball: 'Yeah, Yeah, We Speak Perfect English, Just Serve,’ ” which illustrates the absurdity of borders. In a league of its own is The Passion of Martin, a 49-minute student movie that reveals the creepy side of director Alexander Payne (Sideways). Part of Adam Curtis’s supposedly provocative political study The Power of Nightmares appears on a bonus disc, but most of its “revelations” will be familiar to the converted watching Wholphin. Elisabeth Vincentelli

McSweeney’s, $15.95

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