Best brunch in NYC: Our picks for a late breakfast on the weekend

Weekends would just not be the same without a Saturday or Sunday brunch. Breakfast like a champion with our best brunch guide.



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Brunch may be a New York institution, but too often it's marred by long lines, watered-down mimosas and substandard eggs. With our guide to NYC’s best brunches, you'll breakfast like a boozy champion (we're specifically thinking of the 1986 World Series-winning Mets) every weekend. Discover under-the-radar and overlooked joints, browse the best brunch spots by neighborhood or hone in on the best examples of your favorite brunch dish. Plus, whether you're looking for top-notch mimosas, Bloody Marys or unique cocktails, we have your day-drinking bases covered.

Best brunch 2012

Find out where to get the most inventive riffs on your favorite dishes, plus, which spots to visit if you're brunch-averse, but still want a stellar late breakfast.

Brunch in New York City's top neighborhoods

Find the best places for Saturday and Sunday brunch in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

The best egg breakfasts

Start your day with one of these eye-opening egg dishes.

Best bakeries

For NYC’s top croissants, cookies, chewy loaves of fresh bread and other irresistible treats, check out our list of the best spots for baked goods in Gotham.

Time Out offers

Time Out for brunch series

We're offering a boozy brunch every Sunday in June for just $35, including an Italy al fresco brunch and a chef's tasting brunch at Back Forty West.

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Brunch 2009

75 top brunch spots in NYC

Find a brunch spot near you with our map.

Best brunch deals

Anything involving pancakes, bacon and early-afternoon boozing is good by us-unless it takes forever and costs a lot.

Brunch in New York City's top neighborhoods

Looking for the best brunch options in New York? We've got you covered, no matter where you are in the city.

13 no-wait brunch spots

Lines too long at Egg, Prune, Sarabeth's? Dig in at these alternatives.

Beyond the mimosa

Top mixologists explain the dangers of the all-too-common free cocktail-and offer their own upgrades.

Best brunch cocktails

Where to find the perfect buzz.

The ultimate bagel test

Our food writer tested these classic lox-and-cream-cheese bagels, complete with tomato and onion, for inner beauty. Meanwhile, ...

The city's best-looking sandwiches

Jon Chonko, the mastermind behind Scanwiches, reveals his favorite-looking sandwiches in the city, in no particular order.

Best dim sum brunches

Our favorite picks for this Chinese breakfast spread.

Outdoor brunch spots

Where to eat brunch in New York alfresco.

Best brunch biscuits

Where to eat the tastiest biscuits in New York.

Which takes longer...

Waiting for a table at an LES hot spot or trekking to deep Queens for a hidden gem? Our reporters race to find out.

Best rooftop brunches

Where to eat brunch with a view.

Weekday and nighttime brunches

These spots prove brunch need not be weekends-only.

Brunch 2008

Brunch with the folks

The well-known names and crowd-pleasing menus.

The antibrunch brunch

If the last thing you want is eggs and bacon.

The hangover brunch

Nurse yourself back to health with a self-induced food coma, or take the edge off with free Bloody Marys.

Morning Glory

Where to brunch in 2008? You can stick with the same old favorites, or try these five new destinations.

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