Get ready for Gilly gummies: Saturday Night Lives gets its own candy line

The iconic sketch show is partnering with IT'Sugar to celebrate its 40th anniversary



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  • SNL Schweddy Balls Salty Peanut Butter Malt Balls

  • SNL Dooneese Milk Chocolate Bar

  • SNL Lip Balms

  • SNL Debbie Downer White Chocolate Bar

  • SNL 40th Anniversary Commemorative Chocolate Bar

  • SNL Jane You Ignorant Slut Tin

  • SNL Superstar Milk Chocolate Bar

  • SNL Hans and Franz Wax Bottles

  • SNL Night at the Roxbury Milk Chocolate with Pop 'N Rocks Candy Bar

  • SNL Killer Bee Milk Chocolate Bar

  • SNL Gilly Sour Gummy Hearts

  • SNL Bitch is the New Black Dark Chocolate Bar

  • SNL Coneheads Milk Chocolate with Crunch Bar

  • SNL Colon Blow Spook Cereal Box

  • SNL Ladies Man Dark Chocolate Bar

  • SNL Almost Pizza Gummies

SNL Schweddy Balls Salty Peanut Butter Malt Balls

Next year, New York's own Saturday Night Live will turn the big 4-0, and to commemorate the occasion, the cheeky folks over at IT'Sugar are partnering with the Lorne Michael-led sketch giant to release a line of SNL-inspired sweets and novelty goods.

From September 13 through the holidays, all 60 locations of the candy chain will be doling out Schweddy Balls Salty Peanut Butter Malt Balls, Almost Pizza gummies, Hans and Franz wax bottles, and chocolate bars honoring everyone from Mary Katherine Gallagher to Drunk Uncle.

Aside from the candy, you can get mint tins printed with famous one-liners ("Jane, you ignorant slut!"), boxes of Colon Blow cereal, Taco Town lip balms and Debbie Downer hand sanitizer. In case that's not enough Saturday Night Live lovin' for ya, you can always grab a pint or two of "Lazy Sunday"-themed ice cream.

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