Is Mars Bar going to be returning?

Almost three years after closing, legendary downtown dive—and East Village icon—Mars Bar is preparing its comeback



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Mars Bar

Back in the summer of 2011, in yet another episode of the “luxury condo takeovers” saga, Mars Bar closed its doors, much to the dismay of its loyal band of followers. The building that housed the gritty, graffiti-filled (and, to some, gross) watering hole was demolished and replaced by a high-end apartment building named Jupiter 21 (of course).
Now, after years of swirling rumors over owner Hank Penza looking for a new space to bring his joint to life, he told Bedford + Bowery this week that he plans to reopen in the original space, sharing a wall with a TD Bank (sounds like the perfect metaphor for the East Village’s transformation, huh?). Punk may be dead, but this scrappy punk dive, thankfully, might live on.

Users say


The Diet Coke @ Mars Bar was sometimes really good. It came in a little clear plastic baggy and on several occasions almost made me mess in my pants.  

Yes I know Mars Bar is no longer in existence but the smell of coke farts, body odor and well liquor will forever remain in my nose.

To say I met a lot of interesting people at Mars Bar would be an understatement. The cast of freaks, artists, drug dealers, drunks and hoodlums was like no other and can never be duplicated..... But the one person that I wonder about most Is the guy that lived in the basement. 

Yes there was a guy that lived in the basement.

I never met this man, I don't  know his name and I have no idea what he looks like. But to this day every time I walk past what is now an almost complete shitty building of condos. 

I think to myself...... Where does that guy who used to live in the basement live now ?

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