O Merveilleux debuts on the Upper East Side

Merveilleux (cream-covered meringues) are the stars of this uptown Belgian patisserie.



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  • Merveilleux at Ô Merveilleux

  • Merveilleux bites at Ô Merveilleux

  • Dark chocolate merveilleux bite at Ô Merveilleux

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  • Speculoos at Ô Merveilleux

Merveilleux at Ô Merveilleux

In a city of cronut copycats and mini-cupcakes ad nauseam, this yellow-walled pâtisserie introduces dessert-obsessed Gotham to a one-of-a-kind treat: merveilleux. A favorite among Belgian sweet tooths, the cloudlike meringues are shellacked in whipped cream and coated in chocolate shavings. A large window overlooking the kitchen allows diners to watch bakers turn out the snowball-size pastries in three flavors—chocolate, white chocolate and speculoos (Belgian spiced gingerbread)—as well as pavlova, brioche and waffles. Counter Culture coffee and Bellocq tea are also on offer. 1509 Second Ave between 78th and 79th Sts (646-681-8688)

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