The best brunch in NYC 2012: Your guide to a late breakfast

Love it or hate it, brunch is a civic obsession. That’s why we’ve compiled this best brunch guide to the best feasts for a late Saturday and Sunday brunch.



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PB&J pain perdu at Recette

PB&J pain perdu at Recette Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Our best brunch guide introduces you to local chefs who are reinventing pancakes, huevos rancheros, eggs Benedict, mimosas and other brunch standards. Find out where to get the most inventive riffs on your favorite dishes, plus, which spots to visit if you're brunch-averse but still want a stellar late breakfast.

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  • Bargain brunches

    Start your weekend right with these affordable deals that all clock in at $15 or less.
  • Beyond the mimosa: Best cocktails for brunch

    Brunch-friendly cocktails for all your day-drinking needs.
  • Grilled cheese at the Cannibal

    Meals for brunch agnostics

    Weary of the food world’s most divisive portmanteau? Try these restaurants that are reinventing brunch fare—or avoiding it.
  • Added-value brunches

    Get more bang for your buck with a side of live music, hands-on classes or other entertainment with your eggs.
  • Smoked sablefish sandwich at Roberta's

    Breakfast sandwiches

    We’re sure the venerable Earl of Sandwich would approve of these creative riffs on the breakfast sandwich.
  • Huevos rancheros at Fonda

    Huevos rancheros

    Try one textbook version of huevos rancheros, the Mexican brunch staple, then experience four creative treatments.
  • PB&J pain perdu at Recette

    French toast

    Whether you want French toast with challah bread, brioche, sourdough or a version with panettone, we have the right sweet dish for you.
  • Eggs benedict at Prima

    Eggs Benedict

    When you're hankering for eggs Benedict, try one of these flawlessly-executed classic versions, or playful twists on the standard.
  • Buttermilk pancakes with vanilla-blueberry jam and honey-almond butter at Char No. 4


    Don’t put up with substandard takes on this breakfast and brunch staple. We’ve found the best pancakes in town.
  • Shanghai buns at Genting Palace

    Dim-sum brunches

    Check out our favorite picks for the Chinese breakfast spread, from dim-sum joints in Chinatown to a la carte service in Queens.
  • Food photos: Brunch dishes and drinks (SLIDE SHOW)

    We've got 79 reasons to wake up on the weekend.

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Jules Fischer
Jules Fischer

Not to be rude...but who's getting the bjs from Mile End every couple of weeks? The coverage that place gets is ridiculous--so out of proportion to what they have to offer. But they must have a dynomite publicist because Mile End shows up on every list in Time Out, NY Mag, etc, etc. (And now, I've publicized their name AGAIN.)