In treatment: Best spas 2008

We hardly have time to make a doctor's appointment, much less relax. So this year, we decided to combine the two: spa treatments that work as medical cures. (We also included a few places to just chill.)



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  • Cure things

    Sore feet, hair loss and backne-not exactly the relaxing stuff of spa roundups. But these treatments fix what ails you and help you ...
  • Lush life

    Spa-going doesn't have to be about bloat and acne (thank God). Get some straight-up pampering at bliss stations both brand-new and ...
  • Massage like a pro

    Practitioners of the healing arts explain how to bring a little of their magic home.
  • The no-Enya ultimate spa playlist

    Maybe you love sitar. Then again, maybe you don't. Put these tunes on your iPod and enjoy aural and physical relaxation during your ...
  • When the city is your spa

    Contrary to popular belief, New York can be a soothing place...sometimes. Rate these urban relaxations according to the relief they ...
  • Spa tip-off

    Don't know what kind of gratuity your facial peeler should earn? Follow our handy guide and your relaxation will never again be ...

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