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  • Photograph: Courtesy of Thai New York Spa


    Thai New York Spa

  • Photograph: Courtesy of the Village Wellness Project


    The Village Wellness Project Spa

  • Photograph: Virginia Rollison


    The Village Wellness Project Spa

  • Photograph: Courtesy of Andaz Wall Street


    Andaz Wall Street

  • Photograph: Courtesy of O Spa


    O Spa

Photograph: Courtesy of Thai New York Spa


Thai New York Spa

The Spa At Andaz Wall Street: Hands and arms massage 75 Wall St at Water St (212-699-1830, 15- minute massage regularly $35. TONY deal Mention TONY when booking or at time of appointment for 20 percent off all treatments through Feb 28.
Aggressive typing, tweeting and texting leaves my hands more gnarled than a banyan tree, but you'd never know it after just 15 minutes of massage at this FiDi hotel spa. Throughout the brief-but-concentrated treatment, massage therapist Michael Borgia kneaded every inch of my keyboard-weary hands. Bonus: Borgia rotated and bent my limbs into spectacular submission, making the massage as much an exercise in relaxation as it was a serious stretching session.
Best part: Who knew my forearms were so in need of caressing? Borgia's no-muscle-left-behind approach rendered even my elbows loose and limber—ready to plow through crowds on the subway platform with unprecedented aplomb.
Why it's worth it: The spa menu allows patrons to build their own packages in 15-minute "shares," at $35 a pop. The system means that all of the treatments—including an oxygen-boost facial and a jaw-slackening scalp massage—can function as an affordable midday luxury. Upon request, the staff will even pack a brown-bag lunch for you (prices start at $17) to take back to the office.—Jordana Rothman

The Village Wellness Project: Deep-tissue massage 80 E 11th St at Broadway, suite 407 ( 60-minute massage regularly $100. TONY deal First-time clients, book appointment through website and mention TONY to receive a 45-minute massage for $50 through Mar 31.
After discussing my various  aches, licensed massage therapist (and VWP founder) Kristy Zadrozny proceeded to work me over with an hour-long full-body massage, using a light cream mixed with arnica oil, known for its special healing properties.
Best part: I walked into VWP with my spine in knots and my right hip in agony following a bad weekend run without enough stretching. Using her blend of Swedish, deep-tissue and trigger-point therapy, Zadrozny released the pressure methodically and carefully, lulling me into an almost-meditative state on her table. I was in a blissful fog for the rest of the night, my pain considerably eased by morning.
Why it's worth it: This East Village collective offers services ranging from yoga to meditation—the various alternative-health practitioners are dedicated to keeping their rates low and their services personally focused.—Sharon Steel

Relax Foot Spa: Foot reflexology massage 193 Centre St between Canal and Hester Sts, second floor (212-226-5635) * 202 Hester St between Baxter and Centre Sts, ground floor (212-226-8288) * 60-minute massage regularly $30. TONY deal Mention TONY when booking to receive this treatment for $25 through Feb 28.
Once I'd settled into a plush recliner in a quiet room, with several massage stations divided by short walls, my feet were soaked in a warm bath of mixed Chinese herbs to improve circulation. Next, my limbs were massaged for an hour with Chinese reflexology techniques, using deep thumb pressure at certain points to stimulate organs.
Best part: The massage therapist knew exactly what parts of my feet needed attention without asking, like heels stressed from too much time spent tottering around on stilettos.
Why it's worth it: Not only did my feet get a much-needed rejuvenation, but as an added perk, the treatment ended with an upper-body rub.—Laura Lanz-Frolio

Thai New York Spa and Salon: Cranial Sacral Massage 23-92 21st St at 24th Ave, Astoria, Queens (718-932-0999, 30 minutes regularly $49. TONY deal Mention TONY when booking for 15 percent off facials and massages through Feb 10.
Upon arriving at this squeaky-clean storefront spa, I was treated to a steaming warm towel for my face and hands. After thoroughly tenderizing all of the large muscle groups in my back, my nimble massage therapist scrambled atop the table, somehow positioning herself to avoid putting any weight on me, in order to better ply my neck, scalp and facial muscles. All that compression I'd built up craning my neck over my laptop didn't stand a chance.
Best part: The glass of hot ginger tea I was served before and after the stress-expunging massage was a delicious bonus.
Why it's worth it: Since several staff members migrated to this Astoria spot after the closing of the world-class Manhattan Thai Privilege Spa, you'll get five-star service for the lower prices typical of Queens.—Sam LaCroix

O Spa: Antistress back massage 7606 Third Ave at 76th St, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (718-833-8811, Regularly $48. TONY deal Mention TONY when booking for 15 percent off through Feb 15.
Lavender and eucalyptus essential oils—which offer a potent combo of calming characteristics—were used to massage not only my back, but my legs, feet and hands as well, focusing on pressure points.
Best part: My shoulder blades were tight, but my therapist Stephanie, carefully kneaded them out. After the treatment, she showed me some simple chair exercises that would improve my circulation and posture.
Why it's worth it: The massage offered a combination of reflexology, Swedish and shiatsu techniques, and Stephanie really took her time with me—nothing felt rushed.—Rachel Sokol

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James H
James H

A spa treatment is not just a rub on your back, there much more to it than what meets the eye. Getting a wellness massage will relax your whole body and give you a renewed, more positive, state of mind. Also it helps maintain a good muscle tone and strengthen your internal organs.