Treatments for different body parts---ah, there's the rub.



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  • Photograph: Courtesy of Eastside Massage Therapy


    Eastside Massage Therapy

  • Photograph: Courtesy of Dorit Baxter


    Dorit Baxter

  • Photograph: Courtesy of Green Tea Nail and Spa


    Green Tea Nail and Spa

Photograph: Courtesy of Eastside Massage Therapy


Eastside Massage Therapy

Green Tea Nail & Spa: 30-minute Green Tea signature massage 141 W 35th St between Broadway and Seventh Ave (212-564-6971, $55. TONY deal Mention TONY for 10 percent off all services through Jan 31.
This family-run spa is staffed by a team of Korean-trained, seasoned massage therapists who have each been with Green Tea for almost a decade. Sure enough, my beaming practitioner did an excellent job working the spa's signature cocktail of all-natural green-tea massage oil into my back, pile-driving the worst snarls with his fingers, especially in my shoulders and along my spine.
Best part: After having my arms stretched and rotated for a near-rhapsodic moment of lengthening, I was reminded that joints are meant to swivel, not creak.
Why it's worth it: The signature massage oil is unique to the spa—the owners import it from their family farm in South Korea. Not surprisingly, it turned out to be a veritable witch's brew of skin-moistening rejuvenation.—SL

Magnolia Beauty Spa: 30-minute massage 124 Bedford Ave at North 10th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-599-5780, Regularly $50. TONY deal Mention TONY when booking to get this treatment for $45 through Mar 31.
As soon as I entered one of the nondescript private rooms within this pint-size spa, I was treated to a massage that combined Swedish and Polish techniques. The movements were quick and repetitive, which actually stimulated my muscles and made me feel tingly and energized when I walked out the door.
Best part: Massage therapist Magdalena's technique, which consists of long, smooth movements interspersed with quicker moments of deep pressure, felt like two sets of hands were working on me simultaneously.
Why it's worth it: Compared with pricier spas in the area, this homey spot is a wallet-friendly option for a quick pick-me-up, without sacrificing service.—LLF

Mama Spa: 60-minute Deep Therapeutic Massage 141 Allen St between Delancey and Rivington Sts (212-780-1913, Regularly $70. TONY deal Mention TONY when booking for 10 percent off any treatment through Mar 31.
As I lounged in a brick-walled massage room, my massage therapist used an organic lavender-scented massage oil to warm my muscles, applying deep pressure on my upper body until every last knot in my neck surrendered.
Best part: The extras. In addition to plush robes and a welcoming cup of mint tea, my massage ended with a cup of freshly squeezed blood-orange juice from the mini juice bar downstairs.
Why it's worth it: For an extra $15, you can spend the day zoning out in the steam room and sauna, turning your massage into a full-fledged spa getaway.—LLF

Eastside Massage Therapy: 30-minute therapeutic massage 351 E 78th St between First and Second Aves (212-249-2927, $50. TONY deal Mention TONY for $5 off a half-hour massage Mon--Fri or $5 off a one-hour full-body massage (normally $85) daily through Feb 27.
This serene spa is in the back of the building recessed from, the street, so Manhattan noises simply don't exist here, and the Zen-themed decor manages to be minimalist yet homey at the same time. Before massages get started, all clients are asked to fill out a confidential form about their medical history, which is discussed with the massage therapist to determine which techniques would be most effective. I opted for the "signature-blend" massage (Swedish, deep-tissue, shiatsu, medical, pre/postnatal, sports, reflexology, Thai and myofascial are also on the menu). The therapist literally worked from head to toe, starting with a scalp massage, then moving down to my shoulders, back, arms, leg and on to a foot rub. Picking the signature blend was a wise move—it felt like getting two massages in one.
Best part: My rubdown was incredibly personalized, and I appreciated that Liz occasionally checked in about whether the pressure was comfortable for me. Plus, after learning I spend most of my day behind a desk, she homed in on the common trouble spots, and focused on working out my most tense areas.
Why it's worth it: Belying the reasonable price, the attention to detail here is amazing, from your treatment to the space itself. The face pillows are Tempur-Pedic, and all massage tables are outfitted with heating pads.—Celia Shatzman

Dorit Baxter: New York Day Spa: Tech Neck Express Combo Massage 47 W 57th St between Fifth and Sixth Aves, third floor (212-371-4542, Regularly $59. TONY deal Mention TONY when booking to get this treatment for $50 through Feb 10.
This treatment should be mandatory for overworked technophiles looking to relieve the strain on their hands, wrists, arms and neck from long hours of typing and fiddling with phones. You'd be surprised by how many muscles are engaged every time your thumb hits the send button, and this massage therapeutically targets, soothes and even stretches every one of them, to prevent overall stiffness.
Best part: My massage therapist, Chin, worked from my fingertips to my earlobes to replenish my energy—and he somehow managed to rub the surface area of my back while simultaneously applying soothing pressure to my shoulders and neck.
Why it's worth it: The 30-minute massage left my upper body feeling featherweight—and I was inspired to prolong the relief in my hands by taking a break from my phone and computer... if only for a few hours.—Jayme Klock

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James H
James H

A spa treatment is not just a rub on your back, there much more to it than what meets the eye. Getting a wellness massage will relax your whole body and give you a renewed, more positive, state of mind. Also it helps maintain a good muscle tone and strengthen your internal organs.